The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene | Animated Book Review

“Every seduction has two elements that you
must analyze and understand: first, yourself and what is seductive about you; and second,
your target and the actions that will penetrate their defenses and create surrender.” – Robert Greene Seduction starts off with who you are, the
way you are expressing your seductive energy. Robert Greene forms nine types of seducers,
and in the end, finishing with an Anti-Seducer. Let’s learn more about them: 1. Sirens lure their targets with their image
and tease. They are packed with sex appeal and they are
not afraid to show it. 2. Rakes adore the opposite sex; they are willing
to do everything for it. With their infectious desire, they can draw
their target into a sensual moment where all time loses any meaning. 3. Ideal lovers can adapt to a targets mood,
go along with it, find whats missing in their life and provide that. Making them selves a perfect partner and ideal
lover in every situation. 4. Dandies are all about presentation, striking
and full of confidence they are people we admire and wish to be. 5. Naturals are very spontaneous and always open;
they will take their time and hold nothing back. 6. Coquettes are self-sufficient and extremely
narcissistic. Instead of chasing Coquettes let themselves
be chased. 7. Charmers are very social creatures; they are
very pleasant to be around with. They want and know how to please. 8. Charismatics have a great amount of unusual
confidence. They create an illusion that they are born
this way, that this comes from inside them. 9. Stars are always striving to put them selves
on a pedestal, they are about being an actor of great stories and dramas and always keeping
their distance, being untouchable. Anti-seducers are those that have a main attribute
of insecurity, and when ts combined with some other negative attribute, it creates a personality
that will always repel. They are everything that seducers are not. Before continuing to 24 rule for successful
seduction, Greene gives out one important not: Never try to seduce your own type. It’s a follow thru of a golden rule: Opposites
attract. “What will seduce a person is an effort we
expend on their behalf, showing how much we care, how much they are worth.” – Robert Greene Time to move to seduction rules. 1. Choosing the right victim. The right victims are those for whom you can
fill a void, who see in you something exotic. Never rush into the waiting arms of the first
person who seems to like you. That is not seduction but insecurity. 2. Creating a False Sense of Security, Approach
Indirectly To move from friendship to love can win success
without calling attention to itself as a maneuver. There is nothing more effective in seduction
than making the seduced think that they are the ones doing the seducing. 3. Send Mixed Signals What is obvious and striking may attract their
attention at first, but that attention is often short-lived; in the long run, ambiguity
is much more potent. Be hard to figure out. 4. Appear to Be an Object of Desire: Create Triangles You see a man alone, whom nobody talks to
for any length of time, and who is wandering around without company; isn’t there a kind
of self-fulfilling isolation about him? Why is he alone, why is he avoided? There has to be a reason. 5. Create a need, stir anxiety and discontent People are always susceptible to being seduced,
because in fact everyone lacks a sense of completeness, feels something missing deep
inside. Bring their doubts and anxieties to the surface,
and they can be led and lured to follow you. 6. Master the Art of Insinuation There is no known defense against insinuation—
the art of planting ideas in people’s minds by dropping elusive hints that take root days
later, even appearing to them as their own idea. Make everything suggestive. 7. Enter Their Spirit Play by their rules, enjoy what they enjoy,
adapt yourself to their moods. In doing so, you will stroke their deep-rooted
narcissism and lower their defenses. 8. Create Temptation As the serpent tempted Eve with the promise
of forbidden knowledge, you must awaken a desire in your targets that they cannot control. Find that weakness of theirs, that fantasy
that has yet to be realized, and hint that you can lead them toward it. 9. Keep Them In Suspense, what comes next? Behave in a way that leaves them wondering,
What are you up to? Doing something they do not expect from you
will give them a delightful sense of spontaneity— they will not be able to foresee what comes
next. 10. Use the Demonic Power of Words to Sow Confusion Inflame people’s emotions with loaded phrases,
flatter them, comfort their insecurities, envelop them in fantasies, sweet words, and
promises, and not only will they listen to you, but they will also lose their will to
resist you. 11. Pay Attention to Detail The secret is in small things. People mostly miss these things that are dead
giveaways of certain feelings, reactions, and likings. 12. Poeticize Your Presence You can be dangerous, naughty, even somewhat
vulgar, depending on the tastes of your victim. But never be ordinary or limited. In poetry (as opposed to reality), anything
is possible. 13. Disarm Through Strategic Weakness and Vulnerability The best way to cover your tracks is to make
the other person feel superior and stronger. If you seem to be weak, vulnerable, enthralled
by the other person, and unable to control yourself, you will make your actions look
more natural, less calculated. 14. Confuse Desire and Reality— The Perfect
Illusion Your task as a seducer is to bring some flesh
and blood into someone’s fantasy life by embodying a fantasy figure or creating a scenario resembling
that person’s dreams. 15. Isolate the Victim Separate them from their environment physically,
emotionally, and mentally, so they can become further engrossed with you. 16. Prove Yourself Cleverly lead your victim into a crisis, a
moment of danger, or indirectly put them in an uncomfortable position, and you can play
the rescuer, the gallant knight. 17. Effect a Regression Encourage them to talk about their childhood. Don’t take their words at face value, many
events will be sugarcoated or dramatized, but pay attention to the tone of voice, things
they avoid or deny, or things that make them emotional. Also, notice info about weaknesses and mental
makeup. 18. Stir Up the Transgression and Taboo Making your targets feel that you are leading
them past either kind of limit is immensely seductive. People yearn to explore their dark side. 19. Use Spiritual Lures Everyone has doubts and insecurities —about
their body, their self-worth, their sexuality. If your seduction appeals exclusively to the
physical, you will stir up these doubts and make your targets self-conscious. Instead, lure them out of their insecurities
by making them focus on something sublime and spiritual: a religious experience, a lofty
work of art, the occult. 20. Mix Pleasure with Pain Lure them in with focused attention, then
change direction, appearing suddenly uninterested. Make them feel guilty and insecure. Even instigate a breakup, subjecting them
to emptiness and pain that will give you room to maneuver. 21. Give Them Space to Fall— The Pursuer Is
Pursued Understand: a person’s willpower is directly
linked to their libido, their erotic desire. When your victims are passively waiting for
you, their erotic level is low. When they turn pursuer, getting involved in
the process, brimming with tension and anxiety, the temperature is raised. 22. Use Physical Lures While your cool, nonchalant air is calming
their minds and lowering their inhibitions, your glances, voice, and bearing— oozing
sex and desire— are getting under their skin, agitating their senses and raising their
temperature. 23. Master the Art of the Bold Move Your bold move should have a theatrical quality. e.g., put out all of the candles but one. Don’t let them into the bedroom at first. Remember: you are creating a moment that must
stand out from the regularity of daily life. 24. Beware the after effects Stir the pot, even if that means a return
to inflicting pain and pulling back. Never rely on your physical charms; even beauty
loses its appeal with repeated exposure. Only strategy and effort will fight off inertia If you think you are ready to be a better
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