The Art of Spychecking [SFM]

G’day! You’re with me, doctor Er, hello! Holy Monoculus! The medic is a spy! Kill him! What, am I gonna have to defend this thing by myself? Yes! Suprise! We’ve failed, men. Men, each and every one of you has failed One of you is a spy! Stupid, bloody spies! Noooooooo! Which of you numb-nuts let us down? Sniper! If you are a spy You are not wanted on my beloved battlefield Shut your cake-hole You pickle-headed drongo! Ha, you fight like a– Son of a — ****ing– Kangaroo hearding Canadian! Okay, mate. Hit the showers, Frenchy Okay… You! I’ve got three words for you Demoman is a spy! What the bloody hell? That just ain’t right Yeah! You’re a… You’re a… A devil! Words cannot express how much I hate France right now! Scout? You are a spy! Got anything funny to say about that, funny man? In my medical opinion, that– Quiet, fritz! You can’t hide from me forever, spy Soldier! Scout is dead! You’re dead, that’s good, amen. This corpse has got to move, ladies You’re not a real pyro, are you comrade? The last word out of your sorry mouth will be I am a spy! Do you understand that? Spy! Come here, sweet heart Wait! What’s the matter, commie? You! Yes, you Or, what? Heavy will lay bullet in your mouth Here we go… Yaaaayyy! Okay! Spy? I’ve got a good feeling about this Come on, I don’t have all day! Sppppyyyyyyy! You are ten pounds of crap in a f– I’m done playing games, boys That soldier is a spy! What? No! I am American! Well, I reckon that’s that! Alert! The control point is being captured


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