The Art of the ‘Bites The Dust’ Arc

You know, there are a lot of moments in JoJo
where I end up getting really engaged into the show or manga to the point of where things
affect me like the characters. I think that’s probably due to me getting
into the perspective of character’s, but at the same time it’s the writing. I have a personal “top 5” arcs, and I
can easily tell you that the ‘Bites the Dust’ arc is in that top 5. The reason why I’m able to feel this so
much is due to my perspective following the same view as Hayato. We obviously see how everything is beforehand,
and we know what Hayato doesn’t. Even then, I still love to see it in his eyes. The reason for that is there’s more mystery
and suspense from his direct view. I mean of course it should; from our perspective,
we’re just seeing how long Kira can hold up with his façade. In the eyes of Hayato, it’s noticing that
your dad isn’t your dad. Imagining that that in a real-world perspective
would be unimaginable. You can’t just steal someone’s face, job,
family and have it work. And no, we’re not going to reference the
movie “Face Off”. Now, all the suspense of the ‘Bites the
Dust’ arc is due to the buildup we get from “My Dad is not my Dad”, so I’m going
to be starting it off with it. We start this off with Kira with a bloodlust,
and he trails slowly behind the couple that had disrespected him. What we don’t focus on is Hayato trailing
Kira from the train station. Kira has been holding back his intentions
for a while now, and he’s been watching out on Hayato because he knows it’s all
over if Hayato finds out. The thing is, Hayato had already found out
back in the “The Cat Who Loved Kira” arc, and that was one of most terrifying moments
for Hayato. Where the man who he thought was his father,
speaks on having to kill Hayato if he’s found out. While I do love the scene, I don’t understand
why he would talk out-loud. I know I’m not the only one just confused
on the logic of the serial killer who had a pretty long streak without getting caught. After that scene, we have a conflict being
brought ahead of Kira Vs. The Morioh Warriors. Kira Vs. Hayato. We get to see one of Kira’s best moments
here, and you know it’s one of Kira’s best moments when it takes up both pages of
the manga. The one thing that Kira didn’t consider
with this kill, was that he was being watched, since he only thought it was a couple, which
it was. But, Hayato was there the whole time from
the train station, to the couple’s home. All the events that had happened between Kira
and Hayato had now built up to the final confrontation between them in bathroom. Kira had planned talk Hayato down and probably
kill him, but Hayato was 10 steps ahead. Hayato had hid tapes all over and outside
of his home, which means if Hayato was announced to be missing, that would-be news for the
quiet town of Morioh. Along with that, Kira examining the home for
the tapes while his Hayato is missing would be very suspicious. This is Kira’s checkmate, a child. The only sensible thing he can do is leave
Morioh, before authorities are called. I mean, it’s not like Kira is going to kill
Hayato while knowing of the outcomes that were explained to him through little boy without
clothing. Except he does, and now Kira has put himself
into the one if not, one of the most difficult situations ever. He’s able to keep his composure when Shinobu
confronts him because she’s looking for Hayato. Shinobu doesn’t really try that hard, and
she ends up just forgetting everything. She tries to help Kira with the fingernails
he’s been biting at, but then leaves to make tea. Kira is now on a timer. Sooner or later, she’s going to search for
Hayato in his room and around the house. If she doesn’t find him, she’s going to
end up calling the police and Kira’s clock is up when it happens. Yoshihiro comes into the picture, and it pains
him to see his son like this. He knows that Kira had made a huge mistake,
and now he’s stressing about it. Which reconnect Yoshihiro with the memories
of younger Kira. Now this is where we’re faced with a position
we haven’t seen before, but the characters have. Kira had a time like this, and his father
went out of his way to help him. That help had led to Kira getting his stand,
Killer Queen. But, there isn’t a way to get out of this
situation. Kira would have to leave Morioh, but he won’t. He will never be at peace if he does, so he
needs something to help him so that he does stay in Morioh without pursuit. We had never seen something like this before
in previous parts or in DIU, but Kira had now been pierced by the arrow a second time. The answer he’s been looking for had ended
up being the answer that he was given before when he felt like this. But, what is this answer? In the manga, we’re just show the arrow
and home so there isn’t much we can make from it. But in the anime, Kira is sucked into nothingness. So, what’s going on? Now we’re here with a new perspective, and
seeing this with no history. Seeing the home, and Shinobu is coming into
Hayato’s room, and I originally thought that this is where Kira’s clock starts… But, Hayato is there. I see Hayato thinking about what had happened,
but then I see Kira. This new form of Kira, which I saw as him
trying to be himself and not Kosaku. But, all my attention was on the text. Killer Queen’s new ability. Even if you were watching the anime too, you
had to have been at least the same level of confusion as Yoshihiro if you weren’t spoiled. What could make this guy so confident, that
he would revert into himself. Along with that, Hayato knows that Kira isn’t
his dad and that he’s a murderer. Kira and Hayato have a terrifying exchange,
and Kira reveals that he’s not only not afraid, but he’s also able to freely tell
Hayato his name without worry. While gathering my thoughts together with
Hayato, a familiar face comes into the picture. Rohan Kishibe, stand user of Heaven’s Door,
here to confront Hayato and ask him about his dad. This was one of the moments where you know
something is about to go down because everything is pointing at it, and the suspense is slowly
building; especially since Hayato now knows Kira’s name and Heaven’s Door can easily
find that. So Hayato is asked about his father, but tries
to get away, that’s where Rohan must use Heaven’s Door just to get the information
he had came for. But, there’s a warning. Rohan has never seen something like this since
Heaven’s Door is only meant to just turn the being he’s using it on, into a record
of their life events. He’s genuinely puzzled because he’s never
seen something like this, but he’s interested so he continues. As he continues, all the events that are written
down are happening in real-time. This is one of the oddest things to happen,
and we’re just with Rohan as it goes. Hayato is holding experiences of the future,
but what could cause this. Even with these odd things happening, Rohan
continues to read on; and then it happens. The information about Kira that Rohan has
been searching for is all there. Rohan has figured it out, he’s got what
he needed, and now all he needs to do is tell the others about. But he reads on for any extra information,
and that’s where it ends. “Rohan Kishibe is killed”, we had established
that events on Hayato had so far been future experiences, and Rohan’s death is written
there. I was thinking to myself, what the hell is
going on? The writing furthered on, he was killed by
the matured Kira, but there’s something under the paper. IT’S KILLER QUEEN, KILLER QUEEN’S THIRD
BOMB: BITES THE DUST. My heart had almost stopped at this point,
but this is where I had also triggered memories of DIO Vs. Jotaro. Jotaro had invaded DIO’s world by also being
able to stop time. Killer Queen had done it just invaded Rohan’s
world but to the extent of being in Heaven’s Door. You don’t see something like this before,
and at this point I was speechless when seeing it. How did he get into to Heaven’s Door, why
is Killer Queen on Hayato, and what the hell is “Bites The Dust”?!? Rohan combats Killer Queen, he can open any
stand and turn it to a book, but no! That’s not happening, Killer Queen was basically
intangible when this happens. And it’s not that Rohan couldn’t combat
him, he already had Killer Queen in his eye. He’s not looking at Killer Queen from a
perspective, he’s inside of Rohan! The third bomb has now been activated! So, we get information from Killer Queen itself. This is a bomb planted on Hayato and it activates
when anyone is looking for information on Kira. What I like here is that we get Killer Queen’s
voice in the anime, which is the same as Kira, but majority of stands are voiced by the same
people who voice the user. That’s why Jotaro’s Ora and Star Platinum’s
Ora is the same thing. How Bites the Dust was explained to work,
I was so puzzled on how we had got up to this moment. It looked a bomb that just blows up people
that look for Kira, so I had thought that this is what’s going to end of the people
that look for Kira, one by one. But Rohan had already planned to meet Jotaro
and Koichi, and he can see them across the road. He finally found Kira, Rohan may die now,
but he’s going to be able to pass on the information before he dies. Just like how Kakyoin had been able to pass
the information about the world to DIO. So in my mind I’m thinking, “This is about
to be Stardust Crusaders part 2 with the ending arc”, but there was a one last detail before
coming to a conclusion. “This is where Killer Queen’s third ability,
truly begins!”. With a final yell screaming for a friend’s
name, Rohan bites the dust, with Hayato waking up to see it happen. OH NO! OH GOD! THE HUMANITY, and hey how did Hayato get back
home. The way Shinobu comes in, the china, the morning
program, everything is the same. It’s not just Hayato in a dream or something,
it’s the same morning. He’s experiencing the same morning. Kira shrouds Hayato in a darkness, and explains
what had happened to him. Bites the Dust, the invincible ability that
protects his identity. This was where we’re introduced to the true
ability. Killer Queen blows up those that search for
Kira, but time is rewound back to an hour prior. Everyone that investigates Kira using Hayato
is blown up. If Hayato wants to tell someone about Kira,
it never happened. The most gripping part about this, is that
the events that happen in Bites the Dust, become fate. If Hayato was turn into a book, then he’s
turned into a book. Which means if someone dies, then they will
die again. Fate is now under Kira’s control. The fate in JoJo was always a factor outside
of a person’s control, but now is happening. Now obviously more events happen after this,
but I want to focus on how we got here and what it meant. Kira had always found himself in situations
that he shouldn’t be able to get out of, but he always found his way. Fate had brought the stand users together,
and had been the reason of Kira getting into those troubling situations. But now, Kira has control of that. Now, if people want to pursue the bad guy,
they will die, forever. It got a point of where Hayato was willing
to sacrifice himself to change fate, but even then, he couldn’t do that. Him trying to sacrifice himself had ended
up being the perfect moment to blow up everyone in looking at him. Hayato was stuck in a difficult situation,
and it pained him deeply. He couldn’t stop it, and everyone that had
came to help and save him had perished because they got in contact with him. Fate will continue to kill everyone that plans
to help Hayato, and there isn’t anything that they can do for him. Fate is going against Hayato, and he needs
to do something to fix this, which he does. We know about Stands and how this is just
an ability, but to Hayato, it’s fate itself. That’s where the art lays. Everything trying to help Hayato ends up getting
destroyed. That’s why he must do this himself, and
that’s the art of Bites the Dust. You don’t need anything besides yourself
to change fate, you have control of what you can do. Even if you don’t think you have control
of your life or fate, you do, and you can do it. Thank you for watching. If you liked this video and you’re looking
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until then, peace out and god speed.


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