The Drawing Competition – ChuChuTV Storytime Good Habits Bedtime Stories for Kids

One day, Miss. Dorothy made an announcement in the classroom. Children, we are going to have a drawing competition tomorrow. Each one of you will have to select a shape. And you will have to draw things of that shape. Whoever draws the best, will win a prize. All the children were very excited. I’m going to draw things that are square. And I’m going to draw things that are rectangles. The things I draw will be ovals! ChuChu was very confused. She wondered which shape she should choose. Chiku’s going to draw square things. Chika’s going to draw rectangular ones. And Cussly’s drawing will have ovals. Which shape should I choose? When ChuChu went home, she told her mother about the drawing competition. Mom, there’s a drawing competition tomorrow. I have to draw things that are a certain shape. Which shape should I choose? ChuChu’s mother was very helpful. She helped ChuChu problem solve. ChuChu, why don’t you take a look around and see what shapes you notice in the world around you? Then you can start drawing whatever you like best. Good idea, Mom So ChuChu started to look around. The TV is a rectangle. The rug is a square. The watermelon on the table is round. I know what I’ll draw. I’ll draw a round watermelon! ChuChu, can you think of other things that are round and interesting to look at? Come on! Put on your thinking cap and try to figure out what they are. You can draw some of them. ChuChu thought about it and soon many round things came to mind. The sun is round! The moon is round. Cakes and pizzas are round too. The wheels on the school bus and Daddy’s car are round too. A baby’s face is nice and round. The balloons we love to play with and the ice-cream scoops we love to eat are round too. ChuChu decided to draw some of these things for the drawing competition. Then, ChuChu’s mother had another idea for her. ChuChu, instead of drawing the round things by themselves why don’t you draw a picture that has a number of the round things in it? Huh? A picture that has many round things? Yes, ChuChu! Tell me! Where would you see a round cake, round balloons, a round pizza, a happy round faced baby and round scoops of delicious ice cream? I know! At a birthday party! The next day at the drawing competition ChuChu drew a picture of a birthday party that had many round things. Round balloons! A round birthday cake! Round scoops of ice cream! Round wheels on a tricycle! A baby with a happy round face! A round pizza for everyone to share! And a round sun that’s shining in the sky! Miss. Dorothy and the judges were very impressed with ChuChu’s drawing. All of you have drawn pictures of things that are the shapes you have chosen. And you have drawn them very nicely. But ChuChu has put all her round shaped things in a birthday party scene! Miss. Dorothy then announced the winner. Children, you have all drawn beautifully. But ChuChu has used her imagination and put all the round things she chose in a birthday party scene. And so the judges have decided to give ChuChu the prize. Well done, ChuChu. Thank you! ChuChu’s prize turned out to be a box of round chocolates. Mom, I’m going to share my prize with you. After all, it was you who helped me think and use my imagination. ChuChu was happy to share the chocolates with her mother. And she felt lucky that her mother had taught her how to use her imagination.


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