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a rappin civilization arts and crafts all the works of her upon art including figurines of clay and terracotta stone and bronze sculpture seals and beads are products a skilled craftsmen art from the piece of woven cotton discovered from orange Adaro textile impressions have been found on several objects this proves that weaving was an important craft the Harappans practiced boat-making steelmaking and terracotta manufacture were important crafts the subjects portrayed on the seals and terracotta figures include human beings animals Birds etc the human figurines were shown wearing heavy ornaments and jewelry an elaborate headgear among the inanimate objects the most common were terracotta models of Bullock carts and plows caught a figure of the mother goddess was discovered at mohenjo-daro the figure with a bunch nose and the artistic ornamentation laid on the body and pressed on the figure shows the mother goddess as a symbol of fertility and prosperity the Goldsmith’s made jewelry of silver gold and precious stones the Harappans also knew the art of bead making the potter’s wheel was in full use and the Harappans produced their own characteristic pottery which has made glossy and shiny earthen vessels and pottery crafted on the potter’s wheel were decorated with black geometrical designs the large jaws with narrow necks and red spots with black decoration they’re evidence of their artistic skills her upon artists were great sculptors a large number of stone images have been found among these the statue of a yogi draped in a shawl worn over the left shoulder and under the right arm is well known the yogi has a beard and his eyes are half closed it is made of limestone and is seventeen point five centimeters tall it is one of the most striking finds at the Assembly Hall near the great bath in mohenjo-daro the statue of the yogi has been interpreted in various ways one interpretation being that it is a statue of a priest king since he wears a shawl over his shoulder and has a beard is thought of as a king since the stone statue as a ribbon-like tread died around its neck the bronze statue of dancing girl found mohenjo-daro are also masterpieces that show bigger variety and ingenuity the right arm of the single rests on the hip and left arm is covered with bangles made of bone or ivory it holds a small bowl against a left leg necklaces adorn her body her hair is braided and a head is slightly thrown back among other seals is a seal of the humped bull the figure shows the artistic skill and a good knowledge of animal Anatomy on part of the Harappans sculpture in metal was done through the special lost wax process in which wax figures were covered with a coating of clay wax was then melted by heating and the hollow mold thus created was filled with molten metal which took the original shape of the object a bust of a male figure made of redstone was also found at Harappa among other figures were worn by both men and women some of the common ornaments include necklaces finger rings bangles omelettes anklets nose rings and earrings made of gold silver precious stones and ivory seemed to be more inclined towards indoor games like dice than outdoor amusements the main musical instruments were the drum and the lyre toys of birds animals figurines darts and whistles were also made you

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