The making of the Quentyn & Enroute Records artwork by Chris Wienk

I am Chris Wienk, I’m a designer and Quirijn asked me to design a grid and artwork for his music We started this project by having a lot of conversations, which resulted in the idea to visualize his ‘music-making’ process and not in a static way, which is often the case when using a grid but in a organic way, similar as in ‘Terra’, one of Quirijn’s favourite documentaries, which features a really great scene about a big group of starlings, which are moving and constituting a group formation The beautiful shape of this group of sterlings reminded me of reminded me of our earlier conversations about the grid as it’s a layer that should mainly visualize the process which conlcudes some kind of concentration, sensitivity a search so basically a shape that I can only explain like ‘this’ and I used this to start making drawings From here, we visualized the four themes that are involved in his music to an image: the “Vikings”, the “Universe”, “Being on the road” and the “80s Synthesizers'” Those four elements sometimes have a big influence in the music and sometimes less It contains a development, which we translated into a shape and a movement, similar to the starlings which resulted in a system starting from 10% to 20%, 30%.. until 100% In this way, Quirijn can display which elements, are more dominant than others, and if you combine all these elements together there are a lot of possibilities for a final drawing.

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