The Prince’s Arts & Crafts House at the Ideal Home Show 2012

today you’re going to be taking a tour around the princes art and crafts house which is a prototype house that’s going to be rolled out across the rest of the country this whole journey of developing Prince’s houses was started by a sort of challenge from our president the Prince of Wales who asked me if it was possible to build a green house that didn’t look like it had flown in from outer space I believe that we should build to humans rather than machines and that a happy and healthy community was created through building beautiful environments in which we take pride the ideal home show is Britain’s premier consumers show about homes and interiors and we thought it was the perfect place to begin to show this kind of house and to demonstrate to people that they don’t have to settle for something less when they go to buy a house we decided that we wanted design and build a home that felt as good to live in as it is for the environment we’ve used very natural and locally sourced building materials lots of insulation in the building as well and really concentrated on the fabric being built as ecologically as possible we’ve been very keen to use British design and manufactured items in the house wherever we can promoting the quality of the work that we can produce in this country and obviously also promoting companies that are employing British craftspeople my name’s Lindsay ulka I’m a fabric and wallpaper designer I design all my collection with line of rock prints and they’re inspired by arts and crafts design and I have been hand silk-screened in England in the house I have my wallpaper which is my signature print back a great wood and it’s my strongest arts and crafts design feel of it seem to go well with the use of natural materials in the house the clay plaster that I’ve applied to the walls here in the princess house is very special it is 100% biodegradable 100% non-toxic its carbon footprint in its manufacturing process is half that of conventional plasters the kitchen itself and the cabinet’s have been built by plain English and it’s been designed in a very timeless way so it’s very elegant it’s very well built and the idea is that it will last throughout your time in the house in the sitting room we have a lot of floral textiles most of which are contemporary some of which have been specially printed for us by Allah Khanna textiles and Yorkshire it’s finding of bits and pieces and it’s very much about reusing things that you might have I really hope that it will achieve what we wanted to which is to inspire people to be creative in their own homes the Prince’s house garden is in our urban garden because it’s an urban house it uses a lot of British native plants it uses edible plants and it has aspects of the kind of garden that His Royal Highness is designed at Highgrove I think when people walk around the house they should be looking at the smallest detail from beautiful handmade tiles or kitchen worktops or type of paints that have been used all of those small things can inspire and influence any house across Britain but also I’m hoping the building and impressed house builders people in the industry coming along to think how should we build more houses across Britain in a sustainable ecological and a community way this house is special to me because actually it expresses the idea that we can have beauty in our everyday lives so that we can aspire to live in a place that’s affordable stylish and beautiful at the same time and that there’s not a problem in being green and living a comfortable life obviously the princess house here at the ideal home Hall this year is a prototype it’s a show home for people to be inspired by but the foundation all talk into big house builders and developers so soon this house will be built across Britain and it could be the perfect home for you

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