This 12-Year-Old Has Taken the Art World by Storm

(enchanting music) – [Aelita] Sometimes they say, “Oh, a kid did it, it’s
not worth anything.” Lots of people say that 12 year olds are such an annoying age. Critics say that I’m like Jackson Pollock. And they say it as a compliment, but I want to be known for my own style, not being compared to someone else. – [Narrator] This Great Big
Story was made possible by Lego, play her way. (upbeat string music) My name is Aelita Andre.
I’m an abstract painter. And I’m from Melbourne, Australia. – [Narrator] At only 12 years old, Aelita has been in the
industry for over a decade. – [Aelita] I started painting
when I was nine months old. My dad put a canvas down on the floor because he used to paint a little bit. I just started crawling on the canvas and started painting before him (laughs). That’s how everything started,
that was my first painting. (charming music) My first show was at the
age of two years old. – [Narrator] Without telling
the gallery owner her age, her mother presented the work and Aelita was booked for her first show. Since then, she has taken
her art across the globe and has sold paintings for
around $35,000 U.S. dollars. I’ve been to London,
Russia, Japan, New York, Italy, China, mom, where else? – [Mom] Hong Kong. Hong Kong, but–
Four times. Four times (laughs). I paint every few days, but
mainly when I’m inspired. When I paint, I usually
think about the universe, I think about animals, pretty much everything
that has to do with nature. With the violins on the canvas, I want to show that the
whole universe is singing. – [Narrator] Although Aelita’s young, she understands the harsh
critics in the art world. – [Aelita] When people question my talent, usually I don’t mind because I think that everyone should
have their own opinion. – [Narrator] But there is one critic whose opinion does matter. So Fluffy is our little pet art critic. He usually starts biting me or biting the painting
if he doesn’t like it. But it will be great. – [Aelita] My mom and
dad encouraged my art and I’m so happy. (Aelita and dad laughing) So I definitely think that I’m going to be doing painting for the rest of my life. It’s something that I love so much. (electronic chiming)


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