This Guy Collects Artwork From Serial Killers (HBO)

[Music] they’re just a little bit crooked at night and this stupid life man keeps falling down I really couldn’t begin to count how many individual pieces of true crime related memorabilia that are in my collection most of the artwork is from people convicted of heinous crimes I’ve one of the bigger collections that’s me with James Monroe and Gregory Miley freeway killer it’s made with Charles in his artwork is amazing I mean that’s watercolor that’s done in a prison cell so ya know I don’t really draw a line and say this no no you killed children I can’t collect your stuff or oh no this guy killed women I can’t cuz if you do that you won’t be able to collect anything that’s me with Gary Hines Kristopher Wilkins Michael yawen that’s me with Charles Manson I want to know why a person wakes up in the morning and then kills a person for fun where did that person go from here to here I don’t understand that in that interest I started you know liking the artwork like some people like country music and some people like hip hop I’m interested in crime I visit with you know people who kill people when I received my first communion they asked they did this little book like a workbook you to fill out and it asked you know there’s people that need help throughout the world who would you like to help and I said prisoners and I drew a picture of me passing a juice box into a inmates cell the first serial murderer I ever wrote to his Richard Ramirez and he wrote back and I thought to myself no this is easy so I wrote Manson next my collection does come from it comes from a bunch of different places the most important part was sent to me by by the inmates and those are items that I’ve you know the cases that I took an interest in I’ve also traveled to you know prison museums prison gift shops others some some craft items here like like these three items were made at San Quentin I bought them at the gift shop I run a website called murder auction calm and that websites like an eBay of anything you know crime related this Charles Manson unmailed postcard that’s got a fifty five dollar bid on it no matter how heinous or Despicable his case and his crimes are people are always going to want their stuff there’s twenty six people on online right now on the site we have a hundred ninety members there’s a eight hundred and thirty three auctions I’m not getting items from inmates putting them for sale online based on the horrific nature of their crimes and then paying them people collect art that’s all there is to it biggest misconception as inmates are getting a big amounts of money from this it’s it’s it’s it’s chump change there’s three urns in here with the one on top here is my grandmother Dorothea Puente people have asked to buy portions and that’s really not what it’s not what it’s about for me why would somebody want to buy your grandmother’s remains she’s a convicted multiple murderer the way I mean they found seven bodies in her yard and attributed her to two additional disappearances so nine victims and told of what’s the strangest she was only convicted on three and it doesn’t make sense if you find seven bodies in a yard you’d think you’d get convictions on all seven people are into this from that interest in crime all of this came from it you

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