Throwing A Needle Through Glass Like A Shaolin Monk Martial Art Master? #challenge #test

You know the Shaolin monks? The guys that kick each other’s in the balls
as a sign of self-control? Well, my monks’ friends have another test
to prove their ultimate mastery: make a hole in a pane of glass by throwing a sewing needle
through it. Since this skill looks to me pretty essential
for every day use, I have decided to try it myself… The plan of action is pretty simple. I have here a small piece of glass and I will
be throwing my sewing needle against it. With my trained arm reaching hypersonic speed,
this should be a piece of cake to make a hole into it. Also, because unhuman speeds will be reached
during the experiment, I have attached sheets behind the glass to fetch all eventual flying
parts. I will also make sure to protect my eyes during
this experiment, because I have not yet mastered the ancient art of stopping a needle with
my eyeball. That was of course a test round! Let’s now try for real! Ok, I was just fiddling around, let’s go full
force this time! So, Shaolin monks? Can you also do that? I managed to spare the glass to focus my full
energy into breaking the needle in two. Takes some serious skills right here! Actually, how do the Shaolin monks throw their
needle? With the point or, with the eye pointing forward? Let me check a second… Ok, so seems that some Shaolin monks just
throw something that vaguely ressemble a needle and claim success. I should therefore not feel guilty by still
using my broken needle in the next rounds. At this stage, I had run out of needle and
time to look for it. My needle had bounced of the glass and despite
long minutes of intense search, I could no longer find it. I suspect the speed was so intense that the
metal has been vaporised into thin air. Not taking failure as a finishing note, I
will therefore share with you one of the martial art trick I have long mastered: make a hole
in glass, using a burnt clay brick. Now, see if you can also do that, Shaolin
monks! And let me now enjoy the ancient art of giving
myself a thumbs up for yet another successful challenge…

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