Tiny Artwork: Minted Coins Feature BYU Professor’s Art

As a child I would look at coins. I
would always look at the images on them and kind of wonder how that small piece
of art got on such a small piece of metal. So
far the US Mint has produced four different coins with my designs on it. So
this coin the 2015 American Liberty is the latest. The task that we were given by
the mint was to portray Liberty in a modern way, a new way. And what that meant,
they didn’t really tell us. It was open for us to interpret. I wanted her to be
recognizable as Liberty. I didn’t want to put her in a hoodie, but I wanted someone
who had a sort of dignity a sort of nobility. I wanted liberty to have that
sense of strength but also beauty. My job is to try to instill an idea into an image. The
torch for me represents liberty and the light shed by Liberty. The laurel wreath
that she’s wearing is the victor’s crown. It’s kind of fun that my initials actually
appear on the coin really small. You almost need a microscope to see them, but
they’re there. I won’t always be here, but I hope that liberty will always be here.
I hope that this will always be a land of liberty from my children and all of our children.

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