how can you use that Happy New Year buddy this looks great oh thanks buddy this happens to be one of my most favorite pieces of art I’ve done earlier if you have to pick ten pieces well my top ten favorite of the year well this isn’t staged okay let’s start with this one this is number ten okay and then this is Thanos and venom you remember the one I did before of just the face and Thanos that I really love that a lot of lot of fans like that too so I thought I would go ahead and make a full body version of this one and add a little bit of color did you like this one yeah not bad right [Music] okay this is it number nine I would call this number nine it would’ve been a lot higher but I’ve done a lot of good beast is this your buddy what do you think of this one here like this yeah yeah this is my bumble bee movie piece did you like the movie yeah me too Oh [Laughter] bumblebees this is number eight and this is King Kong vs. Godzilla versus Pacific Rim did you like the Pacific Rim movie yeah that was fun to write in Godzilla I can tell it’s not out yet is it but King Kong did you see King Kong no that’s pg-13 you’re not allowed to understand but a lot of a lot of my followers they wanted me to draw all of these guys eliminated our King Kong and Godzilla and Pacific Rim so I thought why not put them all together maybe we will see this in a movie one day when that me a cool movie [Music] this is number seven and this is my spider-men pc did you see this one yeah yeah and this is a fun piece so I’m over 50 Spider Man and it was a lot of fun to do I did a lot of this live and just just doing all of the different spider people here in the piece and I didn’t get all of it there were so many that the people said I didn’t put on that I could probably attach another sheet to this and add more spider-man yeah which ones are your favorites in there he’s like spider him right that’s a good one I like the link Oh spider-man you see though [Music] oh that one here this is the make it more spider-man up here I also like this one paper bag spent a fantastic for that secure that’s a cool one too so this is a lot of fun [Music] this one here this was a lot of fun this is my most detailed drawing ever of Galactus you know me this one yeah yeah this was a lot of fun to do I didn’t do a most detail drawing ever and look quite a while this is the first one I did I believe for this year did you see this guy in here is this that’s right this is Silver Surfer here how old is he he’s too old yeah he’s only been daddy [Music] so this is number five on the list okay so did both assist these are six connecting covers or transformers Unicron fried eww publishing and this is this took a lot of time to do I think about 30 hours to put together but it was a lot of fun to do but yeah that’s it that is my six connecting Congress number five on the list [Music] [Applause] fate has yielded its reward a new world to call home we live among its people now hiding in plain sight but watching over them in secret waiting protecting [Music] this is number four my fourth favorite and this is my a hundred characters in 24 hours challenge now the one thing I liked about this was I didn’t come up with it myself I had the community the race for Dade actually tell me exactly what to draw so for 24 hours I was here taking suggestions live and whatever they told me to draw I drew on this piece until I got to 100 characters and I slide the end actually did 101 because dr.evil and mini me I counted as one character so technically it’s a 100 or 1 character and the great part about this I did this with the communities [Music] [Applause] this is number three and this is one of my most favorite pieces of the year and this is my tribute to Stanley you know who Stanley is yeah of course who doesn’t know Stanley the father of marble the video for this has got to be one of my most favorite of the year was doing this particular Stanley piece I’ve been so busy just working on them that I’ve never had time to really think of who my favorites were they’re all like my children anyway I think I love them equally the same [Music] I’m doing what I enjoy doing it is such fun creating characters writing stories it’s an exciting life and when you do something that you know the fans seem to enjoy that gives you such satisfaction you don’t want to stop mostly I’ve just enjoyed everything I’ve been doing and I think my professional life has been a source of much pleasure for me I think you have to do what you do best and what you enjoy and then you have a better chance Excelsior for my number 2 piece has got to be what I’ve dreamed about doing my whole life do you know what piece I’m talking about well good morning James welcome thank you for having me I’m so excited to be here for sure yeah Avengers I know super exciting and this is a project that you’ve been you said you’ve been working on for about a month now but this is such a huge passion project of yours I was going through your YouTube channel and you were saying that working on this kind of stuff is on your bucket list yes yes absolutely like I’ve been a marvel fan my entire life and benefit movies my entire life okay and to do to touch every single movie like really it’s a dream come true I can retire after this I’m pretty good [Music] [Music] [Music] my favorite thing that I did on my channel this year was drawing with you yeah yeah yes right taking your characters ones that you designed you make creations that were amazing that I could never have thought of and taking those and redrawing them coloring them [Music] [Music] [Music] by far by far that was my most favorite thing I did this year this bra was drawn with you like you like it you have a lot of fun putting together – yes yeah this was a lot fun we’ll do more next year – right Yeah right on – Happy New Year buddy so there you go that was my top 10 favourite artwork of beer and there were so many pieces of art that I absolutely loved but you know I did so many pieces of artwork this year that was hard to kind of narrow down to top 10 but let me know what your top 10 was you watch my channel throughout this year what was your favorite piece of art that I’ve done that was your favorite let me know in the comments down below but as this is the last video of this year I do want to say thank you to each and every one of you I started this year under 50,000 subscribers I gained over 600,000 subscribers since then it was incredible year I’ve been grinding on this channel for about five years and to have all of you coming in and enjoying what I do it really really does mean a lot to me like all of you are not just viewers you are literally my friends my best friends and I thank you guys for joining the family onwards and upwards from here every success that we have on this channel honestly it’s all of us doing it together so thank you guys for watching you guys are the best here’s to a brand new a great 2019 and we’re gonna have a lot of fun next year you watch we’re gonna have so much fun in fact with every single video this is what we’re gonna do every single video that I have it in hit that hits a hundred thousand views I am going to share with you guys prints are gonna pick random winners we’re gonna do a lot more contest a lot more giveaways and I’m gonna ask you for your help because we grew so much this year I can’t see why we can’t grow even more grow our community grow our group of best friends that’s why I buy my birthday next year by June 2019 I would like to hit 1 million subscribers but I can’t do that without you so why don’t you tell your friends share my videos with all your friends on the prizes for all of you who share the most with your friends and we are going to do this together because all together we are all box-office artists all of us we’re all gonna work hard we’re going to do it wonderful 2019 and we are going to do it together here’s to the race regain here’s to all of us box-office artists my name is James I am the box-office artist I’m here to say keep drawing we’ll see you next year and I’ll see you next year take care everyone happy new year take care [Laughter]

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