Tramp Art – Official Trailer [HD]

We’re gonna play… a song called “Santos de Madera”. Oh, an old song. Yeah, but it’s gonna be good. Like I said we’re celebrating us being back together. We have a day off today and… it’s the most beautiful weather I’ve ever seen in Spain so… we’re gonna play this, alright? Are you ready? Radio Host: Yeah, yeah, we are ready. If we were just nice, happy people, we would be a terrible band. We would be a crappy band playing moderate tempos and trying to be on the radio. I’ve had so much fun being in a band, touring around and doing what we’ve done… that… … it is time for someone else to do that and have fun. When (Serge) moved away… …it was for a great reason. There’s nothing greater than these kids that he has. Trying to make a record without Serge… … I was scared. But I didn’t let on that I was scared. Monica wants babies… …and Serge wants what Monica wants. I found a new way to rock’n’roll man. When you make the next right… …I will make love to your bottom. Serge: Hey, guys, you’re not drinking like that before a show. That’s it, or I’ll leave. Dave: Then leave, do whatever the fuck you want. If you’re not passionate and… …you’re not, on some level… volatile and explosive… …you’re probably not doing it right. Serge: I’ve just gone 3 or 4 years without even playing the guitar. I didn’t even know if I remembered how to fucking play the thing when I got back on this tour. But I did, luckily. They’ve just done so much. I mean me too, but like to see 2 brothers… it means so much to us that Serge came out on this tour. There are problems on this planet, there are… poor people, people who can’t eat. Children in hospitals, the fucking oceans are falling apart… and then we bicker about these little things… …around an independent rock band. And at some point you have to say… “What is this?”

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