Trying a 200 Year Old ART Tool?!

Can you sit a bit closer to see if that makes a difference? Yeah no, it doesn’t make any difference. So you can see that he’s ghosted on the paper but it’s like, really far back here and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to change that. Hello there! So before we begin, I would just like to address something really really important. Yes, I do have black nails and ripped jeans. Um, what this means for me is that going forward, I am going to start being cool or at least I’m going to pretend that I am so that I um… cool. Okay, let’s move forward! Today in front of me I have a box. No, this is not an art subscription box, don’t worry. This is a box from Amazon and this contains a product that was 127 dollars. I know. I’m, I’m cringing too. This is called the LUCY drawing tool. This product has 2.7 stars on Amazon out of 5. It’s called the “LUCID-Art The LUCY Drawing Tool Most Versatile Camera Lucida Ever.” Apparently, it’s like a form of tracing where it looks at the object and then portrays it with a mirror to the paper and then you draw it. (Announcer in video): The new LUCY is a modern version of the classic Camera Lucida drawing tool that has been used by artists and old masters for centuries. When you look through the view hole, optical mirrors create a transparent “ghost” image of the scene in front of you. The LUCY makes drawing fast, easy, and fun. (Chloe): Let’s check out the reviews, shall we? “How does it work? Can’t really figure out how to work with this product. Followed directions but no success. There has to be an art to this product. I just haven’t figured it out.” “One star. Totally useless piece of garbage.” Another Amazon customer says “I love Lucy!” “Great way to learn how to draw what you see.” “Five stars.” “Good enoigh.” So I’m in two minds about this and I would love to hear your comments down below on this. Definitely, this is something that the old masters used to use, something very similar, a technique similar to this. I feel like if you’re a beginner artist, you’re kind of just getting to grips with perspective and shapes and things like that. This might come in handy for you for that purpose, but certainly not something to rely on to make all of your professional work because it’s just outright tracing. I don’t know. I don’t want to upset anyone either way so I would just, I’ll leave it there and let you decide in the comments what you think of if this is a good idea or not. Okay. So my first thought in looking at this is that I paid $127 for what looks like a tripod. But that’s fi – Okay. I’m guessing the money is in this little plastic thing here with the mirror. It’s literally a mirror. Wow, I need to stop frowning. I look like Gordon Ramsay. Got a little arm cramp to – cramp! CLAMP that you stick on the table. Then we have – oh no, they’re screws?! “Victorian Op – Victorian Optical Toys. Ancient magic toys.” I don’t – wait, is there no instructions? There is instructions. Okay – oh… There’s instructions! Oh, and there’s more on the back. This is great. Okay. *BEEP* Good afternoon. My name is Karen and I am interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to bring you some live footage of Chloe stood in the rain for no apparent reason. Chloe, are you there? Hi Karen, yes, my name is Chloe and I’m reporting live from the outside. If you look over to my right here, you can clearly see that this video is being kindly sponsored by Wix. Wix is an incredibly robust website building platform that I personally have built my website, on. 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So you’re telling me that I can set up a website for free that’s quick, robust, and professional all at once? That is correct, Karen. Karen? You can get access to thousands of templates and unlimited pages all for free. But if you’d like to sign up one of their yearly plans you can get 15% off with my clode – clode? My “Chlode,” haha. My code, ChloeRose15. Link will be in the description, but Wix is fantastic, can’t recommend it enough. I am a huge fan, I edited my website recently because it’s just, it’s so customizable, I love all the features that it has and thank you so much to Wix for sponsoring this video today and back to you Karen. I hit myself in the face with a metal pipe! Brilliant. Okay. I’m so confused. What? Okay. I feel like I’m fighting with a snake right now! I just touched the mirror so I’m gonna need some Windex. Let’s see, so you have it like that. Oh! I see, okay, so it goes that way. Got it. Okay. I’m not – oh, hang on! I can see that – where are you going? I can actually see the reflection of my microphone in this. So here in front you can see my microphone and over here… you can kind of see the reflection of the microphone. There’s my hand. And there’s the microphone shape. So you CAN see! I thought like, maybe it’s gonna be a really difficult thing to actually see through but for now, it kinda seems okay. So basically all you do is you have the object in front of you, some objects you need to elevate in front of you, and then it projects a ghost image onto your paper and you have these filters which have brown paper on both sides. And if the lighting is bad, the filters can help compensate for poor lighting to give you a wide range of intensity to work with. It’s really difficult to get it in front of your face and then draw it that angle. I feel like you’re gonna be at a funny angle when I’m drawing you. Can you sit a bit closer to see if that makes a difference? Yeah no, it doesn’t make any difference. So you can see that he’s ghosted on the paper but it’s like, really far back here. And I’m not sure how I’m supposed to change that. Could you try sitting lower? Maybe that’s what it is because you’re tall. All right, I’m just gonna leave it like that. Right, stay still, okay? Ah, you’re moving. Stop laughing! No! You messed up! Stay still! *Sigh* Stay still. This isn’t helping me. The thing is, it’s kind of silly cause you can’t expect anybody to sit still for that period of time. So… I mean you’re being very steady, but even so, you’re still moving. No! Now you moved. (Chloe’s brother): I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’ve stopped laughing. CAN YOU SIT STILL?! *Both silently laughing* (Chloe): Stop! Oh, that’s wrong. I can see already that you moved again. *Both bursting into laughter* I mean, I think it matches. *Music* *More laughter from Chloe* (Chloe’s brother): Not a bad likeness, Chloe. Would you like it? Would you like me to sign it for you? I mean, it does what it says it’s gonna do. That’s the thing. I feel like the people that are reviewing it are expecting their work to look like masterpieces when all its gonna do is give you a solid outline. So, I mean, it’s better than I thought it was gonna be, it’s just not feasible with someone that’s gonna move and also for anything more than basic shapes. That’s all it’s for. It’s not for making masterpieces. Um, this is – *CLANG* *CLANG* *CLANG* Okay. Stay… Somehow I can see my own eyeball. How is that working? Now I am going to draw my little fluffy bear because I love him and I could always do with some practice drawing bears. Just put him on there. It’s definitely a lot of effort to try and position everything but once you got it, you’re okay. I feel like this just, this just makes work harder in a way. Because you’re just straining so much to try and see the outline, that you’re not actually focusing on what you need to be focusing on. But that’s just me. I mean, it’s okay. I mean, it’s not great, but it looks, I mean, it looks like a bear. Kind of. I think what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna try drawing my units here because this is gonna be good for like, getting proper perspective because of the angle that they’re gonna be at and also the shape of them, so I’m gonna see if this is feasible. It’s a bit of a mammoth task to get it to work. Okay… so this is pretty zoomed in. I feel like I need to actually be further away from this. So you know what’s annoying? So this giant clamp that I have here with a big metal pole on it for my camera (it’s a tripod) was like $60. And it’s way better quality than that. So there’s no need for that to be as expensive as it is. But that’s just my two cents! Just saying. I just don’t understand how you’re supposed to use it and not get it in the way. That’s what’s annoying me. I try not to nudge it with my nose or move my actual head either. So I’ve realized that I am actually moving MY head as I draw. So it wasn’t just the fact that I was drawing my brother and his head was moving, it was the fact that I was also moving myself. Which was causing this to shift completely. Fun times with Chloe! As she draws a cabinet! *Music* Okay, mmm, yeah, no, that’s wonky. That is REALLY wonky! That’s REALLY wonky. Like really, really wonky. I think the concept is good. So my thoughts on this, um, I definitely think it’s way too much money for what it actually is. It’s essentially a piece of plastic with a mirror inside. Um, but it does work. It does work. It does have a ghost image, it’s kind of hard to see and it’s a bit of a, I mean, art is stressful anyway, like it’s, it’s stressful to you know, get your perspectives right, so this kind of aids in that but I feel like it’s still a, ugh, don’t look in the mirror! I just feel like this kind of takes away some of the stress but it also has a different type of stress because you’re trying to like, see it properly because it’s very difficult. It’s not overly easy to see the ghost image, but you know, that’s what it is. It’s… it’s bendable! Kind of, it works. It’s expensive in my personal opinion, I wouldn’t pay any more than like, 35 dollars for this but it works. It’s fine. So… That’s that and, yeah. So that’s it for today. Thank you so incredibly much for watching this video. I really hope that you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments down below if you would use something like this or what your thoughts or feelings are on it, if you think that it can be beneficial to people, but yes, thank you so much for watching this video. I really hope that you enjoyed it, make sure to check out my Inktober unboxing on October the 1st. First day of Inktober, watch out for that. So if you would like to see that, make sure you give this video a big thumbs up. And yes, that’s it for today. Thank you so much for watching this video, take care of yourselves and I will see you the next video. *End music*


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