Trying art supplies from WISH

Welcome to my new home not that my desk looks any different, but I am in a new house now Okay, so in the beauty community there has been this trend That’s been going around where people will just buy a bunch of like clothes and makeup and stuff from wish If you don’t know which is this website where you can buy like? Suspiciously cheap stuff online. They have like a ton of items that are only a dollar with like a dollar shipping I know that I’m very late to this trend But I decided to use this as an excuse to buy my own Christmas gifts because I’m a sad little orphan girl the main reason I really wanted to make this though is because I keep seeing Beauty youtubers do this But I haven’t seen any of the artist youtubers that I follow do this yet So I ordered like ten different things and eight of them have arrived I’ve pretty much forgotten what all of these packages are except for this really big one im a loser oh shii***** Boy boom I was not expecting smiley faces except that I swear that these were not in the description smells like cheap plastic So this is actually a case for art supplies Fancy, I keep seeing these all over the internet, and I’ve water one for a really long time It’s got these like elastic bands, and then you can actually just stick your markers and pencils and stuff into them And then it’s all perfectly arranged. This is one of the bigger ones This is one of the ones that has four different compartments and the bottom one has some slightly bigger hoops boom fancy Let’s see what actually fits in this thing It looks like almost everything from one of my art bags fits into a single pocket which is great This one was definitely worth it What did I buy? The first thing that I don’t remember buying all her studs. I ordered a little bag of black studs These ones were slightly smaller But it was a dollar for a bag of like a hundred so I couldn’t resist If you don’t know what a fabric stud is it is one of these these tiny metal squares That you can latch on to clothing, and it just makes things very punk-rock It works best on denim in my experience but sometimes I like to put them on cotton things like this and then they just rip holes in them and fall out in the laundry and Have to reapply them like a stupid, but that’s how I live my life like a stupid hmm oh I think I remember what this one is I bought a brush tip pen so I have a pen like this And I really really like it so I decided I would go ahead and try this this is really pretty Just as an item. This is really really pretty We’ll try it out in a sec so this is the brush style felt tip pen But this is a real brush tip pen from Pentel, so if you look very carefully you can see that This is actually a bunch of brush Fibers what that means is is that this is a brush that is attached to an ink? Capsule in the body of the pen and then the pen leeches out Through this these pens are a bit more expensive and a bit harder to come by this was being marketed as a brush tip pen But from the look of it, it’s actually not a brush tip pen. This is just a brush style felt tip Let’s see how it writes. Yeah, see it’s very similar, but I can’t get the same Line variation as I can with the brush tip pen this one is much softer. This is much harder You can even see it in the color of the ink this one has more of a neutral black whereas this one is a warm Black definitely a case of you get we pay for I feel lied to I except There’s a teeny hole, and I just remembered what this is About a sketchbook one of the things that I noticed I believe how much with this one I think this one was a dollar. No it was 87 cents goddamn. Wish you got some cheep shit Let’s find out how big this is so it’s about seven by four and a half I figured I might as I’ve been getting art supplies to get a notebook because this is like my guilty pleasure I buy so many empty notebooks, and then never really fill them up It’s kind of covered with dust which is weird usually I would put a divider between these pages But I want to see if the ink bleeds right through it. I have a sneaking suspicion it will And it actually didn’t even bleed through the first page, so it’s not that bad Right let’s have a look still nothing let’s try a quick scribble with a real brush tip end If this is your first time watching one of my videos, please do not judge me by the quality of these scribbles They are not very good Okay, and now the true test Still did not leak through. I am very happy with this paper. I like this I’ll use this worth a dollar this one’s very intensely wrapped oh I remember what this one is so this is a cheap aluminum Chunk of metal that doesn’t look like it’s actually part of an art supply But this is Actually a stand for my iPad which is a device that I have bought solely for the purpose of drawing on it So this is actually an easel stand of the future we live in the future we live in the future! Now to go along with that. I have also bought another a digital artist tool, and that would be this It’s a glove specifically made for digital artists oh That’s tiny this is a digital artist glove It’s essentially just a glove that covers half of your hand so that you don’t touch the screen while you’re drawing that way your technology does not think that you are trying to draw with your fist part of the reason that I bought this is actually because I Already have one Which means that I can do a direct comparison to one that is a dollar versus one that actually? Costs a fair bit of money This is by far the most expensive thing that I’ve ever bought with the sole purpose of art But I went ahead and I bought this to go ahead and see if I could use it as a stand I’ll admit I am a little bit scared because this is a very expensive important thing, and I don’t want it to break Yeah, I don’t know how much It looks like it’s actually not going to work because this My case actually weighs it down to the point where it’s ready to fall over It’s advertised as a tablet stand I would not trust your tablet on something like this maybe with a smaller iPad this would be fine But it does not work with this It’ll be great for my phone, though So the next thing I want to do comparison of is this artist glove with my personal artist Glove so this is an artist glove that cost me almost $10 I think I think I paid seven for this the one downside to this is that it does feel a little bit Thick it’s a tiny bit loose because I do have kind of small hands, so maybe this will actually work. It feels very interesting Well the seams were burned at the end, and they’re kind of poking me. I really want one That’s right in the middle because this one feels a tiny bit too big and this one, honey But too small I guess I just hope weirdly sized hands the fabric for this one is Kind of uncomfortable this one’s a lot more soft. I mean it pretty much works the same It works exactly the same, but it really just comes down to comfort And I want to say that my a more expensive one is more comfortable this one is okay This is a solid backup if something happens to this and I can’t find it, but at best. I would say this is just okay It’s alright. Do I regret buying it? No by the way. Just in case you were wondering my iPads name is Hippogriff or gryph for short He’s my son, and he’s part of the family the mailman literally just dropped off two more packages. Let’s go ahead and start here. Oh Four micron pen I forgot I ordered this it was a dollar So it’s just kind of like another pen I can throw in my collection. I use these all the time They’re just really good pens tried-and-true, and now a more interesting one oh This one I was really excited about ready Fancy, tahdah! This is a set of artist’s drawing pen nibs and handles and an eraser And there’s a cute little anime girl on the back lately. I’ve been getting into India ink and this was a dollar So these are the current inking supplies that I have and these are the ones that I got from wish there are two kinds of Handles because there are two sizes of pen nib it looks like the new one from wish is Plastic whereas my current one is actually made of wood in terms of the actual pen nibs It looks like these two are roughly the same probably have to try them out to make sure Well the very first thing I notice is that the handle doesn’t actually grip the pen nib at all, and it kind of just falls right out Let’s see if the other ones will fit this one I can’t even get into the pen handle this one fits perfectly though this one also fits perfectly This is where I keep my inks I currently have red and black India ink because it fits my style feel like I’m gonna have to take a pair of pliers to these one second, okay, let’s try this again There we go At this point I’m just trying to see how much ink this pendant can hold because it’s still going Okay, it’s finally starting to run out of ink Considering what I paid for all of this This is definitely worth it granted. I have never had to take a pair of pliers to a pendant before in my life And I can’t guarantee the lifespan on these but of all the things that I bought from wish this was definitely my favorite I’m gonna go clean these now So there are two more packages and these ones I’m pretty sure are actually not art supplies I was just enticed by wish and I bought things that I don’t need stay away from that website. It’s bad First is this one, and it’s very soft and squishy So I think I know what this one is First of all I want you to know that what I bought is very stupid But I couldn’t not because it was so fucking cute. Oh my god It is this is stupid and I already know that but I don’t care is my hair gonna prevent this from happening Let’s find out My freaking God. How could I not buy these? They’re so stupid, and I love them I feel like a beard or Raccoon so before I ordered all my stuff on wish I decided to just go ahead and really quickly search for the word Harley Quinn Because I feel like Harley Quinn has just become an aesthetic now And I was curious and I found something and I liked it so I bought it this thing. Oh, yeah Like Chemicals oh it matches my hair this I believe was a dollar. Oh yeah, this is my new look Oh, baby girl. I like it good kiss. Do I look stupid probably, but it’s me This is the me I was meant to be this is my true form I know my hair is fading That’s how my life works my life is forever chaos all things said and done I think I’m gonna stand by my personal opinion if you get what you pay for except when it comes to these freaking ears These are cute cute. Also if you care. I was recently on a friend’s podcast. It’s like two hours long I’m warning you now But if you want to listen to that and find out what my favorite panic at the disco song is that will be linked in The description, I don’t like the sound of my own voice so I have yet to listen to it Please go do that for me Let me know how it goes you get like 300 off some points for making it to the end It’s video and for being awesome and putting up with my madness I think that’s everything for now though, so I will see you guys later. Bye asmr


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