Hey Guys! Its Jazzy Anne and welcome back to a brand new video. So some of you may know some extremely talented artists in your life like, they can paint, they can draw, YOU may even be a talented artist. Well, I’m here to tell you today that, I’M NOT! (wait till the end) So, that’s why I’m going to be trying art! And they all seem pretty simple, but in the long run, they’re supposed to turn out super cool. So let’s go see if I can actually do this cause’ it’s gonna be a good time. So first, we’re going to making some radical tie-dye shoes (dats what she said). Here’s the goal. So, Let’s Go! Okay, so the first thing we’re gonna be doing is taking out the laces. Which makes a good substitution to use as a choker necklace! weird voice: HEY JAZZY, NICE CHOKER! jazzy: Thanks! Then you’re gonna want to do the same thing to the other side. Then, You’re gonna open your sharpies. we’re basically just gonna be coloring the shoe with sharpies. So, Imma do dat. Then you’re gonna skrt skrt on over to your rubbing alcohol, and you’re gonna drip it onto the shoe. Okay, so I was like really disappointed, but it’s working. So, I’m just gonna keep going. I figured you just wanna make sure all the colors are like touching. That’s an important step or it’s not gonna be as tie-dyey. Okay, so it’s been about 30 minutes and both of them are done now, and now, I just have to wait for them to dry. So, these are the finished shoes all dry, and while I was doing it I was extremely disappointed because the colors weren’t being tie-dye, if that makes sense, but you gotta be patient! I’m actually happy with how they turned out, I mean they’re a little kooky, but there’s nothing wrong with that. *really hecka cool tango music and i think jazzy should a model* Next, we’re going to be making some bubble art. That’s the goal. First, I’m gonna take the soap (who else does this be honest) and then I’m going to put some in the cup. *relateable mumbling* and then I’m gonna take my paint and we’re gonna mix it in with the soap. Then I’m gonna add some waterrrr. And mix it. Then you’re basically gonna do this to each and every one. Okay, so then basically we’re gonna blow into the straw like how you know you blew into soda and stuff. YOU DON’T WANNA INHALE YOU WANNA EXHALE…. Very important. *pure ASMR* Gonna place them together, then you’re gonna put the paper on top. It’s supposed to make like a really cool …. I did something wrong… XP AHHHHH. OKAYYY. Okay, I’m just gonna do one now. Hah! There we go! see!? Okay, okay, okay. Could be worse… This is garbage. *jazzy tango music to make ourselves feel better* *drops wut she calls garbage in jacuzzi* Last, we’re gonna be doing some planet spray paint art. This is the goal…. It’s a stretch. (it sure is) Okay, so I’ve put my hair up because we’re gonna be painting; it’s gonna get messy. (no derrr) So, first you’re gonna decide where you want your planets to be, and that’s where you’re gonna place your cups. So this is the design I’m going for. We’re just gonna go for it, that’s just the theme here, going for it. Okay, Imma do this planet first. And then, I’m gonna take the magazine, and just touch it… Huh, OH! Okay, now we’re gonna do this planet. Okay, so now, we’re gonna be doing the black which is like the rest of the galaxy. So this is it. Now to make it a little more spacey, we’re gonna do some light streaks. Huh! Woah! That’s hecka cool. That looks so pretty! Oh My God, I’m freaking out! Huh! It’s fine. It’s fine. We’ll just make it work. Lastly, I’m gonna take the white, I’m gonna spray it directly on this brush. Then, I’m going to flick.. OOOHHH. Woah! And it makes little stars! Wowee! Huhu! Woahhhhh! Huh! That’s soooo cute! Oh My God, that one is sooo cool. Huh! This looks sooo dope! I can’t. Oh My Gosh!! I’m soo happy! And to celebrate, now you can eat some galaxy tuna. (calm down jazzy) I hope you guys really enjoyed me making art, It was so much fun! And some of it didn’t really turnout that well, but some of it DID! So hope you guys had so much fun watching this and thank you so much for watching and see you next time. GOODBYE! Subtiutles by cortnee chronicles


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