Tutorial: Drawing/writing effect [After Effects]

hey guys Jake here a Cayman wish and I’m bringing you a tutorial in Adobe After fix because there was a lot of requests for that so I decided to do that and today I’ll be teaching you how to type and that sounds a bit boring but it really isn’t so let’s get started now the first thing you do is of course you make a new composition it already seems good so I’ll just leave it as it is and press ok now once we’ve made a new composition we will have to make our text so I’ll just choose the text tool up here and type in modern oops I can’t even type now right now but I’ll type in one wish because that is the name you know me of so yeah the way you do it it’s very simple you just use the pen tool to cover it all up it doesn’t have to be so precise you can adjust that later and the order you draw it will be how it will be written in the end when you’re done so just try to cover it all up like I’m doing right here I’ll speed this part up now once you’re done with that it’s time to make it type so you just go up to effects generate and Stroke now we’ll increase the brush size and trash may cover the whole word the triggers to increase it as little as possible so just adjust the points instead of increasing it more like this so once you’re done with that it’s time to make it type so just check this box that says reveal original image and we can disable the pin stroke for now and as you can see once I drag this int thing down it will start typing so we just put the end to 0% and enable keyframing by checking this clock right here and then we’ll go to the end of the composition and put it to 100% and voila okay it’s a bit slow but you can see it is typing we can just move the keyframe a bit back if we wanted to type faster the way I opened up this thing was just by pressing E and going down to this end thing and dragging the keyframe back like this so now we know it’s typing by itself it looks fabulous or thinking and then that was it for today I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you did be sure to leave a like and I’m out

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