Twin Telepathy Drawing Guess What Ryan is Thinking Challenge!!!

number nine instrument I’m trying to find a fine I can’t draw whatsoever in didn’t today I challenged my mommy and daddy took twin tell about the challengers ten things they are to draw and if they matter they get a boy run one superheroes okay so Ryan challenged us to a twin telepathy challenge where we have to guess the subject that he put out you say round one is superheroes so we have to team up and draw a superhero and we get a point for each match that we did yeah this is not between you and me we have to work together I think really really hard to each other what superheroes should be very obvious mommy superhero begin because know what I’m drawing don’t tell you guys know what super shock shadow even know what it looks like not nervous we’re not critiquing our did you call it – why so fast mommy you swappi color is a signature of the superheroes ah and the color I need thee it’s not me here I need a yellow and there’s no yellow that’s like a basic girl guys odds difference alright I’m ready – yeah [Laughter] right that is your red Titan I drew spider-man here not a match not a point okay okay all right let’s see what round to it animals let’s think together see we get a point daddy you better mess with me this time I’m gonna draw a super basic animal okay so that’s the hint you guys know what animal this is so far what do you guys think do you know what I’m doing it’s a little bit hard because it’s supposed to be animal oh no I don’t have a space to put the other I’m trying to do completely creating different characters yeah this is not one of you supposed to have is this what Ryan’s daddy draw is it’s the same animal please let it be the same animal we need a point by two three yeah except it’s awfully fast [Laughter] don’t you think I feel like some look like it leave us a comment below what you think about these alpha legs July yeah all right round three three Ryan’s wolf characters mo pods Omo okay so Roundtree’s rise world characters are so many – this is probably one of the easiest characters draw page I’m not good with remembering what it looks like is that bad you guys know what I’m drawing what do you guys think you can see our drawing I mean I mean mines easy you can tell what it is nice Oh God little bit of it maybe because look he’s holding a controller he’s playing game robots oh yeah yeah but not the big help little kolduny control that everything you have nice choose from there’s Hershey’s candy red chocolate Hershey’s Kisses there’s M&M skittles regular lost top but sing something mommy you pick right okay this is something I like all day it’s gonna be hard to chew killing two runs world channels like V tubers of Panda Oz and running family Leo runs boy I reveal we have like seven channels closed roll channel Oh No yeah can a logo okay you know the studio space right story rewrites family review humble pans I’ve just got the Gator not any tubers before all right let’s think about it come on we got a match go get a match okay okay let’s go tell what I’m drawing right now wow you can’t forget the channel alright let’s multiplayer thing means you don’t care about the channel I should have picked this role because this team in different colors do we did shot pick this five three okay the whole you took a long time you guys didn’t notice our new channel EK doodles it’s about Emma Kate fun animated adventure with the help of a magical seat so if you haven’t seen it check it out all right around 6 where to go location where would you take vacation ok super easy I know where I know something we haven’t done yet oh god block what is he drawing let me know I don’t even know I’m just going to draw whatever but I should go there soon I’m already you have to tell what I’m drawing either this is easy mommy no do you know what I’m drawing [Applause] [Music] don’t campaign or something is going on there – my board colorful so that’s just just a colorful way I like it just a wave of water oh we didn’t get a point again you’ve been camping I picked the beach all right next topic round 7 sports like basketball oh good whoa what a sport begin painting maybe we do need the hint we are not getting it right I kind of forgot what it looks like to be honest like I keep forgetting I’m not I don’t have a good memory yeah I’m sorry I already messed up I don’t know BAM you guys guess what sport this is I’m done hopefully it’s the same one I shot let’s see three two one go get what I’m dry yeah I’m good food that’s super easy to be any where are we thinking alike I think so okay all right let’s begin you talking about food only this one right I don’t know I don’t think of it anything else that’s not what I’m drawing it’s easy hopefully right daddy drawing the same thing as me you’ve done pretty lucky really come on you number nine instruments like piano and like top instruments okay do you know what instrument you draw that’s difficult not really coffee and see if I can draw good is he jail okay Ryan’s in piano so I thought we drop ya know but yeah Ryan wants to told me he likes going black topic what is it Ryan this is the last round we do have to get it right we have to think of like this should be super easy well what is it it’s video game so there’s not there’s not that much of choose from there’s just like roblox and minecraft and fortnight right so not that much to choose from right I got that be easy all right go this is the drawing I always draw guys hmm they can’t [Music] I don’t get it I’ve done anyways oh I get it now but it’s too late – oh yeah it’s got to go – he’s super happy look he’s smiling because he definitely survived probably didn’t get a point though yours Pikachu skew stuff that’s our challenge back to you Ryan thank you for watching your video you can get your own walk on grass already toys including giant egg surprise slime potty squishy Ryan’s molecules giant push ease all about slime blaster plunge and action figures or vehicles along panda the gummy Gator [Music] [Music] shoo fly shoo

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