Unintentional ASMR 🖼️ Traditional Japanese Printmaking (brushing, explanations)

I studied about ten years mastering printing techniques that’s very difficult water is very important papers have to be moist to get the color from a blocks you have to keep exactly same moisture throughout process each time I wanted the blocks to color not be drawn each floor how the pacific area to plan usually this line block is always fast because this is the key to fill the colors you need 14 block 15 color to finish whole project you’re going to print with lighter color fast and then you’re going to go to dock registration is very important you have to keep exactly same throughout process only Japanese is image play registration mark in the same block this side control left light movement this side control parallel movement you change tag to adjust the registration mark you because of the white spot I change a registration block so you don’t see any white this is my balance each coil has a different coarseness flat balance most flat most smooth line only I mean using full line or small area and then this is my course button for large surface brushes all made whole-scale here there is only two type of inking brushes this type it’s much more thinner particularly made for all the salad area or like a light gradation much bigger gradation this brush is made for much more smaller gradations you each blog it’s made from 100 years old mountain cherry because of a variable or the blog’s just have to be cut a both sided this is for Katyusha and then also to model this for background gray and then this block is printed actually three times one is this water area for this and then this gradations of this and then flip it to this to this black relations now I going to be print that idiot this is already printed one time subtler brown color and then using exactly same blocks to make gradation so I gotta print the same blocks one and inclination second times darkest area are you going to apply it column and then using a brush so if you look at a very carefree I’m moving my brush look like ol bowl so whatever I do color starting and moving up but you don’t you want to control so this nice paste it also makes control to protect not moving further up cat iboga she black gradation is the action palette and this is last suppressed you

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