Visual Arts at York University

I think the point of coming to study art
at a university is that you’re looking to push yourself. York has this great balance of what
you want in terms of traditional tools and techniques
and equipment and also this really exciting range of
stuff that can push you to experiment. I think the people who are making exciting
things in the world as artists do so with this philosophy of
by any medium or any approach necessary The Department of Visual Arts & Art History
takes a very interdisciplinary approach One semester you might take photo classes the next semester you might take sculpture. So they get the experience of working with
a small cohort of students in small studio based classes and then they get to draw on all the
resources of a larger university. I have students who are really
interested in theme based issues around social justice and so they might go and take courses
in refugee studies and they get that historical, theoretical,
contextual background and they’ll bring those ideas
back into their work. Our students tend to be well-rounded they don’t just want to be artists but they want to be citizens. They want to be critically engaged
in what conversations are taking place on a global scale and on a local scale. York University students are really such an
incredibly diverse group. I love that I’ve got students from
a lot of different backgrounds. whether that’s economic, cultural, social, and even different backgrounds
in terms of their experience in art. As their professors,
it’s our responsibility to help students contextualize the message that they want
to present to the world.

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