today whatever you were drawing you cannot tell mommy mommy has to figure out what it is no words okay and then there’s a spinner you guys Bend that tells you how many seconds you get to draw and I will tell you what items from each specific store okay the store number one is the doll let’s do round whine left spin the wheel of how many seconds you get and if there’s time you can drop multiple items okay alright daddy what you get let’s see if your mommy can get this oh you guys know what daddy’s drawing from the dollar store Ryan drew that to have to get that for Ryan daddy alright I’ll go to the dollar store be right back to you guys maybe some this is definitely like a picture frame right see wait this room has a lot of Raggedy edge you see it like this has a lot of reggae edge and then this he wants to see himself that’s Ryan so this may become my mirror see did you see himself here talking about you wanted a mirror I still don’t know what this is it’s a ticket so maybe raffle tickets this is it wait is this chocolates away right this is red okay so I looked everywhere I still think okay I just came back in the dollar store and I hope you guys gonna be so happy okay alright daddy you first okay I can’t believe I got it Wow TV for me I thought it was a picture frame it looks like you want to see yourself and so I got you a mirror for a McDonald’s 45 seconds for McDonald oh you guys got it how old are this from the timer I don’t start start go okay looks like a box and vine right approximate no way the whole bunch of shapes should be other times oh oh they’re whispering all right so this is Ryan’s drawing you have to go find a McDonald this is daddy’s drawing have to find that i McDonald thank you all right I’ll be right back hopefully I got the right back all right guys there it is McDonald okay so what is this it’s not number three or is it an M in this price maybe it’s cries hi can I get a medium french fry and a big nut yes okay so I just left McDonald the weather is really really bad you see the rain in yeah okay but I did get the prize is that right yes and then and also got this is this what daddy wanted I guess what okay I just came back from econo let’s see if I got it right French five what about you daddy day by is gonna get it big bad is it right foot all right on to the next round okay all right go get five yeah knowing you probably thirty seconds the store is best by electronic riding already knows you know how many options from best 5/32 a glue I can’t tell what that is okay Ryan no words you got 15 seconds okay it’s fine you want me to buy you can app know it’s gonna cherry daddy show me the mic Johnny stop stop bihter drawing oh I’m so confused oh it’s a lap the lap belt try to find that alright Ryan what about you what did you get you know this is where you find me almost all the time is that our OS rocks it’s not words it’s actually a sign ha I can’t think about those I mean giving me so many zeros I don’t get this alright ok we’ll go to the store and try my best I’ll be back guys here’s my drawing I’m not sure what that is daddy wants a bear paw and it looks like a is it like a nice or something or maybe a roller for cake yeah you see anything like this let me know no that does not look like it wait is it a watch why is there an apple wait maybe it’s not an apple maybe is this I wonder for you does it look like this nothing right there looks like this maybe he wanted a wonder boom Anna watch at the same time this is what you wanted thanks for Apple and then that’s a watch is that right and this is Ryan I have no idea what he wants what is that a whole bunch of zeroes I have no idea wait is it a disk what does he want the whole bunch of disk maybe wait a minute Ryan needed a whole bunch of batteries zeroes Ryan I don’t know about that maybe I just get $10 doing great look robux $10 C and then all these are batteries 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 batteries right so there it is 3 6 9 batteries all right guys I just came back from Best Buy hey hopefully I got this one right I’ve been doing so good alright so it looks like you got oh I watch yeah I did good Ryan oh well did you good – obviously that stands for robots but they didn’t have that mini Roebuck so I only found one with one zeros not what kind of kids need that many robots doesn’t make sense right and so I bought these little circle things stands for phantom batteries what thing that 10 10 robots and there’s nine circles that I’m on mine see the store Brian you never know when you need those batteries okay all right daddy instead of dude you good let’s see I watch Apple so averatec Oh daddy one more thing I forgot to tell you that is your birthday present your Father’s Day present your Christmas present all in one okay yeah on to mix round okay right guys round for this time I’m gonna change it up it could be from any store but it has to be a toy all right guys spin the wheel first all right guys here’s 40 seconds ready go all right any toy from any store set a music no no key I’m so confused let’s see what Ryan’s doing what are you drawing there I am Oh scribble Scrabble no that’s what it is alright guys time is up right there Joel no word Brian see daddy this one is that so so I’m sort of water toy what’s no no no no okay what about you Ryan what did you draw of course you know this Ryan’s world scribble Scrabble that starts with an S scribble Scrabble oh all right I should go to the store and find this not to buy ten of it all right guys if you guys know what this does let me know because right now I’m clueless I’ll be back no it does not wait wait wait this is water this one like water so you can’t be it which nurse there’s so many different ways so you guys think I’m right that guy is looking for nothing guys I think this is it for tonight I think I would like that look at the hats all right okay so I’m not sure what Ryan one it says Ryan’s world and then it says ten something that is green so does Ryan want ten toys that are green let’s see so this is where we put rides real toys but none of it is green we have the blue egg that’s not green okay see in this drawer here anything Ryan’s world green great oh wait that’s white boxers breathe and then here I put an X though maybe slime blaster hmm just right slime blaster 10 mm Oh what about this c3 wants everything green hmm see wait slime that are green all right so I gather all the Ryan’s world only have eight so I kind of find two more rinds world green toys so this is where we store some of the eggs maybe we can get a green egg sorry Ryan’s worlds green sleepover egg all right there we go nine and then 10 back hopefully you guys are excited as I am so I’m assuming you wanted no oh yes that look right right anything fun play by yourself so I got one for Ryan and we going together yeah for you you wanted Ryan’s world ten green things right three sir ten by ten green Ryan’s world oh I did not get that I thought green rhymes won’t end like 10:30 yep all right one Gustav laughter three Gussie plastered haha guys 19 but these are so cool right everything you hoped for and more okay guys last round I’m gonna make it fun and exciting for you you can draw whatever you want okay anything you want anything you can buy you can draw it I can buy it really good idea what is it okay I’m putting the timer on 60 seconds one minute so sparks go Brian thought showing me for some reason he’s yeah Ryan’s keeping his a secret over there okay all right you got it 45 seconds laughs yeah see what daddy’s up to here what is that no what what is thought out of the EES is eating something I’m so confused the Ryan is I the dog a person does you want a girlfriend no all right shall we ride alone I’ll let him finish it up you done already all right that your official one yeah okay about it what about you you know what what is it cool cool I thought you it’s a person wearing a bandana so I’m so good at this game I joined another thing you did I wasn’t even looking what what how could you draw okay what is it what’s this whoa did you drew that yes see daddy I told you it was gonna be easy Ryan drew this are you sure stuck with mommy Aceveda what good god what is the Bugatti I don’t even know what that is I don’t know what it is okay guys I don’t know what to do look at this this is a car why did you young to drive a car right hmm wait a minute why did draw this it looks too good look at this I think he traced it I’m gonna get him back for this I have an idea watch the fire okay so I forgot satori daddy’s paper I think it looks like an airplane but what if he met something in the air like frisbee tennis or you can hit it and that flies in the air so many words look this goes in the air wait a minute this I don’t mean goes in the air Shh all right guys I am back so this was yours right this was yours right so I forgot these papers at home actually so I got it from memory so here’s what I got for you daddy man you wanted a spider-man vehicle oh I thought that was like spider-man going to faraway City or something all right and you’ll be so excited about your present I know it you’re gonna love it you wanted to walk right ah maybe actually doesn’t fit in the garage it doesn’t need a garage yeah that’s pretty are you ready just close your eyes all right open your eyes run you’re too young for a real car so thank you uh what you think did mommy do good oh it matches feel good Ryan is that what you wanted no it’s so cool all right yeah whoa I know every job you buy challenge thanks for watching bye bye guys please click on one of these videos where I enjoy rated more fun you

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