White-line woodblock printmaking

[Music] I would cut Freddy also known as provincetown would cut printing now this first started in 1915 in Provincetown Massachusetts that’s probably the first uniquely American type of woodcut print it’s kind of a little bit focus here it’s kind of a little bit naive anyway I’m gonna give it a whirl and best way to explain what it is is just show you and here we go so I’m thinking white lion I’m thinking why and of course I’m thinking of a cottonmouth I love the cottonmouth it’s just awesome snake so this is a subject that I’m going to do first of all I draw up on my piece of wood next of course comes the cutting love the cutting [Music] now what I’m doing is I’m just adding watercolor to the block I’m just gonna paint the whole thing watercolor first just to check out what it looks like now I’m going to take down one side of the paper what I’m using here is a piece of Japanese very thin paper that’s used for woodcut printing use rice paper or something like that it just picks up the ink really well in this case watercolor I try using a baron and sort of half succeeds half not the really cool thing about this is you just keep adding water color to it and step by step just keep rubbing away what I found worked a little bit better and I imagine a spoon or work just as well and that’s the burnisher that I use for my dry point just has a little bit more pressure that I push down on with get those little spots kind of relaxing just pain a little bit rub a little bit paint a little bit rubber a little bit I kind of like the way the printing works however it’s kind of weird having a white line around everything and whereas I thought scales might work really well probably the white lines a little bit too thick so I’m not altogether happy with the end result however I love the way the printing works I’m going to probably have another girl at this in the future and that was my version of white line woodcut printing now certain things I like about it and I wasn’t that happy with the print I got so I have another idea to serve very this technique a little bit I’m going to make another video but there’s going to be another video I’ll catch you later

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