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Hey there, tiktakers! Do you like mystery and riddles? Today we bring you a different video, starring
our favorite detectives, Sherlock Taker and Watson Tiker. Watch out, because you have to follow every
detail to try to find out who the perpetrator is. Ready? Well, let’s get started! The murder of Charles Smint at the Buddha
Bar shocked the press. When journalists learned that Sherlock Taker
was leading the investigation, the case went viral. At first glance, the facts didn’t look very
promising. Mr. Smint went to his usual bar with his wife
Lucile and a close friend of the couple, Paula Dipper. Charles was wearing a suit, he had had a job
interview. Lucile arrived beautifully dressed, full of
jewels as always. She loved rings. Paula was wearing her blue coat but with a
new bag. When the waiter took note, Paula ordered a
black tea and Lucile and Charles decided to share a jug of sangria. Lucile was thirsty, as soon as the waiter
served the sangria she drank her glass in one drink. None of the three had anything else to drink. They spent the rest of the evening chatting. Everything was going well until Charles had
a coughing fit and when he got up to go to the toilet, he fell on the floor. His face was aching and his body was spasming
as foam came out of his mouth. Lucile, alarmed, called an ambulance. When the paramedics appeared it was too late. Charles was lying on the ground lifeless. They examined the body and confirmed that
he had been poisoned with hemlock. Inspector Sherlock Taker arrived at the scene
of the crime with his assistant Watson Tiker. They locked down the place and while forensics
were analyzing what they had consumed, they began the interrogations. The first suspect was the bartender who prepared
the drinks that night. He explained what ingredients he had used
and the tables on which it had been served. Then they searched the bar for the hemlock
but found nothing. The next suspect was the waiter who served
the table. It was evident that he was nervous, he would
not stop spinning the ring on his finger. In his statement he said he knew the victim,
all three were regular clients. He told what each had asked for and how he
had left the drinks on the table. First, he brought the tea, then the jug with
the sangria glasses. Paula and Lucile confirmed the waiter’s story
and said that after being served, the three of them stayed in their places together all
night. No one had got up, no one had approached the
table. Lucile specified that Paula didn’t want to
drink sangria that night. The forensic examiner approached to give the
detectives the results of the reports. Taker read them carefully. The list of objects found on the table and
analyzed were: two glasses, a cup, a jug and a spoon. Both the jug and the cups were filled with
hemlock. Assistant Watson Tiker was confused. If the poison was in the sangria and in the
two cups, how could it be that Mrs. Lucile had not died intoxicated? He looked at Agent Taker and he stated that
he had solved the crime. Do you already know who the murderer is? We will give you some time to see if you can
figure out how it happened. The murderer was Lucile Smint and her accomplice
was the waiter. For detective Sherlock Taker it was obvious
that they were lovers. The ring that the waiter spun in his hand
betrayed him – it was so similar to the ones Lucile had. The poison was in the ice. The waiter served the jug at the table and
Mrs. Lucile took care of drinking it quickly so that the ice wouldn’t melt. Charles, on the other hand, took longer to
consume the drink and the hemlock entered his organism. Having consumed exactly the same, she thought
she would be ruled out as a suspect. The person responsible for preparing the sangria
would be blamed, and she and her lover could succeed in their perfect plan.

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