Wiesner Student Art Gallery

This is like the first time my art has ever
been in a gallery so this is a pretty cool experience coming in as a freshmen
like I didn’t imagine my art would be in the student center. That was
really cool and it was also just like really nice to see a lot of
different artists from like there’s like grad students in this
program, there’s undergrad students, like this whole wide range of different people with
different experiences and it just all comes together in one gallery. The opportunity to experience new forms of expression is a really valuable experience for
undergraduates and graduates and I’m really glad that the art scholars gives us that
opportunity What’s most rewarding for me is seeing the
new Wiesner gallery because I have had art displayed here in the old one and
the new one is just so much better it feels like an art gallery now and that’s
really exciting. So this is I think much nicer to have here because it does feel
more like a space that is for art.


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