Work with 3D models | Learning Microsoft Paint 3D from LinkedIn Learning

– [Instructor] One of the nicest
features of Paint 3D is 3D. And we can actually work
with 3D objects and models in our Paint 3D application. So we can find this
under the 3D menu option. So I’m going to go
ahead and click on that. And as you can see, my sidebar changes, and we have a number of different types of
objects we can create. We can create standard 3D models here, such as people, dogs, cats, fish. We can get more models from Remix 3D, and I’ll get into that
in just a little bit. And then we can create 3D
objects as well from scratch. So I’m just going to go ahead
and create a simple 3D model, so that way we can get
used to working in 3D. Now what we can do is
we can select a color, and this will be the color
that the model will assume when we create it. So let’s go ahead and create a fish and choose a gold color. So I’m going to select fish, and then just left-click and drag. And when I do, you can
see I can drag that out and make it any size I want. And once I do, all of these controls
show up around the fish. So the first thing you’ll
notice is we have this box, and so I can grab the corners
of the box to do a scale. I can squish it or stretch it vertically by clicking the middle
of the top or bottom. And if I go left or right, I can squish or stretch horizontally. Now in addition to this,
we also have 3D controls. So the first control
here is back and forth. So if I left-click on this,
notice how my viewpoint changes. And so I can pull this
away or into the canvas. Now when I push it behind the canvas, as you can see it disappears. Now I can also rotate it. So if I select, say,
this bottom icon here, I can rotate it. Now, notice how it snaps when
I get close to 90 degrees, right there. So you can see, I’m approaching 90 degrees and it should snap right there. So this is a good way to
precisely rotate your object. So it will snap to 90, 180, and 270. So that way, you can rotate it around if you wanted to work on the front, and then bring it back
the way that you want. Now we can also do this for
all of the other angles. So if I wanted to rotate
it around this axis, I can certainly do that and it also snaps. And I can rotate it this way, as well. Now if I want to view the scene in 3D, I can use my View in 3D icon here, and this will show me the scene in 3D. Now if I left-click and drag, you can see that I can
tumble around this scene. But I cannot manipulate the scene at all. So this is really just a viewer. If I want to actually edit the scene, I have to click on this
little pencil icon, and that allows me to go into the scene. Now, 3D objects can be
selected at any time. So if I select this object, I can move it around, scale it, rotate it, do whatever I did before. Now we also have a zoom here, which basically just
zooms the entire scene and the canvas. So as you can see, it’s very easy to create and manipulate
3D objects in Paint 3D.


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