World of Warcraft Student Art Contest

The World of Warcraft Student Art Contest is a great way for you to explore the Warcraft art style. It’s a way to show us your work. It’s a great way
to introduce yourself to us. It was created to help schools understand
that they can still teach students the type of art-form
that we were looking for. Art here on the WoW team
starts traditional. We strive for a hand-done, hand-created look to the art. We have effects artists. We have animators.
We have character artists. Really, it’s a large team
creating this global game. One things that makes WoW
interesting and great, is the diversity of artists
we have on the team. The type of artists
that should enter this contest are people who come with a unique vision. Who might have learnt from playing WoW or playing Blizzard games
and love the art-style. But then have taken that knowledge
from playing that game, and turning it
into something that’s our own The entries are reviewed by leaders
across the World of Warcraft art team The prizes that are available
to the winners and sometimes
to the runner-ups as well, can change each year. But the one thing they do get is they get to visit campus and they get to meet the team. We have an awesome few hours
where we sit, throw paper and pencils and just draw stuff
and talk about art and philosophy. The coolest part of the day is when they get one-on-one mentorship
for a while from an artist on the team. This year I’ve had
an amazing opportunity of mentoring one of our newest contest winners. Being the first winner is awesome and it’s really rewarding
to be able to pass on that knowledge and that’s sort of nurturing. Winning the contest is not a guarantee
to getting a job at Blizzard. But a large percentage of the WoW art-team is comprised of people
who came through the Student Art Contest. When I first got here it was… It felt like I had stepped into a new school. Every week I learnt something new. My bar for quality has been raised
so much. I feel like I’ve never stopped learning. Entering the contest has just basically opened the gates for me. It let me in through the door. I thought it would be cool
to design a shrine area for Tiffin I ended up using what I did
for the contest to inspire
what ended up being in the game. The piece that I made for Tiffin, that’s what I used
to build the Varian shrine. The Student Art Contest,
it’s like a career maker. The advice to anyone thinking
about entering is just do it. It’s OK to be afraid and have self-doubt. Put that in the back of your mind, keep going
and you never know what will happen. It’s a way to get your art out there
and to get noticed. It really is an opportunity
to get yourself and your portfolio on the radar of the team here. The Student Art Contest
is probably the best opportunity to any artist currently in school could have to potentially
get their dream job.


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