WORST or WORTH IT? – Trying Miniso Watercolor Markers

Hello! Today I am going to be trying, as you can already tell by the thumbnail and title of this video, these Mniso Watercolor markers set. There are twelve colors, and as the package says, “Large volume ink.” “Smooth writing.” I found these while I was shopping around in Toronto, and I couldn’t resist them. They were only three dollars Canadian. That is so cheap.
💰 So I was really curious when I find cute little sets like this. And I thought the back of the packaging was so funny. Let me read it for you. [Clears Throat]
“Product features: Comes with assorted colors.” Wow. What a feature. “How to use: Open the cap and start drawing. Close the cap after used to prevent ink from drying out.” Whew. You know if they didn’t include these instructions I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Also I can’t help but laugh that these are called a “Marker set”,but then on the product themselves, it says a “Watercolor pen.” So… Which are they? I don’t even know. I’m finding these absolutely way funnier than they probably are. Here’s another little tidbit I found out by googling this company. “Miniso it was founded in 2011 by a Chinese entrepreneur. Initially claiming to be a famous Japanese brand despite operating in mainland China and had no outlets in Japan.” They’re cute. They’re small. They’re colorful They have a really funny backstory to the company. They have funny writing on the back. They’re only 3 bucks, so I couldn’t resist these little guys. So let’s open up our cute little briefcase here- Oooh, look at all of these colors.
🌈 I’m going to swatch these because I love swatching colors and you never know what your materials actually look like until you put them on paper. So let’s do that. So because the instructions on the back of the package didn’t say anything about how we actually use them, it just said to open the cap and the draw with them, I’m going to assume that because they’re called “Watercolor pens”, I can use water to spread them out. I’m not a hundred percent sure if this is actually how these markers are used, but we’re going to find out. Why not? Also, I don’t think they’re named. So we should name the at the end. What do ya say? You’re like
“Okay, whatever. Just go don’t the video.”
🙄 [Music] I’ll name them at the end. Okay, I’m really curious to see if these will work with water,
so let’s just see what happens. Okay, here we go. [Music] Okay, I’m going to say not really. But why not?
I guess we could always just use them as if they were and then just see what happens. I mean… What are you gonna do?
Call the art police? I just don’t think you should call something a “watercolor” unless you can use watercolor with it to water it down and… play with the- the ink or whatever. But that’s okay. I’m not going to call the art police on Miniso. [Music] Oh my gosh. They keep getting worse and worse.
There’s no pigment… coming off of this one. Oh my goodness. It’s like they started off really pigmented and then they just got worse and worse. But it’s just really fun.
Something about just picking up a $3.00 cheap adorable watercolor kit. It’s just a lot more fun than trying actual art supplies. Not very helpful for you guys, but I have fun doing it. Hopefully you have fun watching me. Let’s see how neon this orange is. Oh my gosh.
So all these colors have been… like actual colors, but this orange is a highlighter. I do not like that. So much for these being water colors.
I was so excited to try these cheap little adorable watercolor marker pens, but um, they’re very-
I mean, I know they were three dollars, but sometimes you get surprised by how good they are… They’re just so disappointing.
I felt like we had a promise. The first three colors were doing so well.
And hey, let’s name these colors. We’ve got “Black like my soul.” “Brown number two.” Ha! Get it? “Why is the sky so bright blue?” “This used to be my favorite color as a kid” “Pastel purple ain’t bad.” Matches the cap green.” “Is this green or yellow?” “Yellow number one.” Get it? Another potty joke.
🚽 “You gave me the highlighter. I asked for the marker orange.” “I thought this was going to be a highlighter, but it was pink pink.” “I’m going to call this one Blarbie because it’s like Barbie.” and “You don’t want to know where this came from red.” Wow, what a wonderful set of colors. I can’t wait to make my own paints and name them ridiculous names. Okay. Now that we have us watched these… Interesting art supplies. Let’s start sketching some ideas and create something with them. I wanna see that you can create art with even it’s $3 art supplies that don’t work quite like you expected. Alright y’all, I have no idea what to draw, but I have my sketchbook here. I have the colors over here just to… inspire me? Or just have for reference for what I can draw and… I don’t know. Let’s just get to sketching and see what happens. I hav- I have no-
I have no idea what to draw. Well, I didn’t mean to fill up the whole page, but I guess I filled up the whole page. I want something where maybe she’s making things grow. The colors are so bright. I think it would be really fun to… I guess take advantage of that. What if she is the plant?! OOoooohh spoookyyyy.
😱 Is that spooky? Probably not. What if maybe instead of like… I would rather draw some weird horse creature for some reason. Maybe it should be a unicorn.
Now It looks like a devil or something because I gave it a pig nose. Oh boy. I kind of want to make a little… impy elf girl or something.
Maybe she has a plant growing off of her. She was riding this horse thing. Oh my gosh, she’s adorable!
Hold on. Everybody just hold on. So she needs a ride and… I’m thinking maybe her ride needs to be like… a plant in a pot. Oh my gosh. I think I love them. They’re adorable. Should we have like a baby following? Might be cute if there’s like a baby following them. I like this character. Let’s go with this. Though, I don’t know really what paper to use because these markers were kind of tearing up the watercolor paper. So I might need to bust out some multimedia paper.
What’s that called? It’s not called “multimedia paper.” Mixed media paper! I’ll bust some of that out ’cause I’m probably not going to use much water. Let’s get into it. I’m excited to draw this little guy. Or girl. [Music] So if you aren’t new to my channel, you probably noticed how weirdly optimistic I was about these markers. Normally, I’m- I mean, I don’t want to say I’m a pessimist. I like to call myself a realist because I mean three dollars for pack of 12 markers. You’re probably not going to get much. But for some reason I was really rooting for these guys. I thought they would do a little bit better. I don’t know why. It’s three bucks. What was I thinking? So starting off with our little turtle monster creature thing, I started off by scribbling our purple marker on a piece of paper off of camera and then taking a wet brush to try to pick up the ink and create a gradient from top to bottom. I also thought that this might be an easier and better way to apply these markers because as I started to use the purple in its most large volume ink way and just use it directly on the piece of paper, I noticed just how streaky and horrible it looked. Not only that but I noticed that the markers were tearing up the paper. Not in a consistent way similar to maybe Posca pens, but it was it was random and you couldn’t really tell on the paper unless you really worked it. Basically our little felt tip marker was collecting paper particles and it created this little dingle dangle off the tip of the marker and then that little dingle dangle would randomly write here and there on my paper where I didn’t want it to and it was just kind of like a situation. So that was one of the many obstacles that I had to work around. Felt-tip Dingle dangles. So like I mentioned I was trying to extract the ink and work with it with a brush either by scribbling on a piece of paper and picking it up that way, I also tried to scribble in a ceramic palette just to get the ink out and then use a brush to pick it up that way, but it just… “Large-volume ink” isn’t exactly a phrase I would use to describe these markers. Neither is “Smooth writing.” So as I colored in the creature, I slowly realized that I was going to have to use the texture of the marker to my advantage and I tried to create a like scaly texture and created little ticks and marks to show that there were plant things growing off of this creature. In the end it just looks like a garbled mess. And, you know, I think I… I did my best…? I also decided to use the darker colors of each marker to outline each thing so I didn’t use any other materials and I think that may be assisted in hiding some of the mistakes and… strokes. It definitely made it more colourful than using a black outliner, which is what I would have done if I used any other sort of marker supply. So that was fun. So I did start off by coloring the monster with the purple marker and I do think that that kind of set my mood for the rest of the illustration. That purple marker was probably the streakiest and worst to work with. Overall the green imp creature, whatever I’m going to call it, He actually looks really good. He’s not too streaky… I think working with those greens in the red and everything else was a lot easier than the purple. I think the purple, I don’t know if it’s maybe the ingredients of the purple or what, but it was just it was the worst to work with and in comparison the other colors really weren’t that bad. Thankfully because the brown was more pigmented and a bit on the darker side I was able to put it on a piece of paper and take it up with a wet brush. Even though I barely got any pigment off of it because it was so dark I was able to get enough to paint our pots with that technique. It really wasn’t the best to use that technique for the other colors because it just it didn’t take up well even putting it on a ceramic palette. Like I said, “Large volume ink” isn’t the best way I would describe these markers. I don’t know if they meant large volume in color, or if they just meant these little markers hold a lot more ink than you expect…? I don’t know what that means and I never will. So between the streakiness and the tearing up the paper and the not being able to work like a watercolor, I wasn’t a fan of these markers. Obviously three bucks. What do I expect? You never know. I guess sometimes you find a gem out there. But at this point I was quite sick of working with them in a way that maybe they weren’t meant to be used as. I was starting to think maybe they were supposed to be used as… Posca pens or sharpies were used. Maybe simple shapes and using their vibrant colors to create really powerful simple yet effective illustrations was maybe more of their jam. So at this point I decided to move on from this piece and try on a more simple Illustration and just see what’s up. [Music] So I sketched out this illustration of my character, Hatch. Very simple.
Very shapely. I was going to use colors maybe like a pop in the background. Who knows what I was going to do. Buttttttt as I got coloring… I just realized “Nope.” These markers are just horrible. They’re just so streaky it doesn’t look good. Posca pens tear up your paper, but at least the results are worth it. Overall, it just-
It wasn’t a good look. Save your three bucks. Go out there, buy yourself a coffee beverage.
☕ Get yourself an ice cream cone.
🍦 A candy bar.
🍫 Literally anything is worth your 3 bucks more than these markers. It was fun trying something new and silly. I had hope for them for some reason, but as you can see this has been a public service announcement “Save your 3 dollars for something else.” You’re welcome. In conclusion, I have decided that these markers were probably one of the worst things I have ever tried. Alright. Thank you guys so much for watching whatever this was and I’ll see you in the next video. ✌️ Stay golden! ✌️ And now a huge thank you to my wonderful patrons for all of their support. You guys are the best. If you want to be in the credits at the end of my videos, see secret sketches, coloring pages, early access and more, check out my patreon by clicking the link in the description. Thank you guys all so much for the support. Bye!


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