Yoga Printmaking intro

okay let’s do some yoga printmaking to build muscle men from memory the goal is not perfect prints it’s basically to create a flow a repetitive flow of printing you’re shaped impression in your detailed impression with some very simple stencils so here I’m using just some organic shaped circles and some threads it’s key to limit yourself to some abstract stencils ink the plate throw down your stencils fresh piece of paper burnish edge to edge sneak-a-peek peel back and admire that’s the basic steps here a newsprint pickup to get rid of some plate ink and then we’ll lift off the stencils set them to the side fresh piece of paper burnish peel back sit on the pile and admire you want to repeat those steps about 10 times with at least just one color of ink and remember to breathe i speeded up the video so you get to see very quickly the process but if you can kind of memorize those words that I used and just repeat the steps over and over and over you’ll get the basic steps for gelatin printmaking you’ll have a stack of prints to admire and hopefully you are able to suspend judgment and just be the process enjoy

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