Yoko’ Art Class – Printmaking with Styrofoam

hi welcome to like SVO Yoko’s art class today i going to show you excellent museum quality professional artists the styrofoam printmaking I know I saw a lot of beauty they are using like this supermarket style to make art that’s okay but today I really want to show you excellent quality of the print making for instance I will show you what I did this is yesterday I made this is green pepper styrofoam just sick okay this big and then I made a print like this this is tiny fish I made little sign it here I print like this so I’m going to show you a loan I made this the thickness and I print it out like this or only one color like that this is my first print using a Styrofoam is a big fish then end up to like this this is called professional artist printmaking using styrofoam but I make not only fish and make some abstract this is just a triangle and straight line using styrofoam and printout like this actually I like it very much so what I want you to prepare the thing is this this is styrofoam cutter this is plugin they have a switch here and the burn here it’s out and then you can carve also today I go to use oil-based printmaking color this is black I going to use and also I going to use silver I need a nice rolling pin bar to rub through and also I need class to make even nice coat of the ink spread ok so let’s get started you can use your own image you can use from the picture from the outside of your house but today I’m going to use this I break it up from the computer and that little tilted this is a shape I made using knife to cut I going to trace here so I’m going to move a camera to little down so you can see the details first but in here the angle and the composition you can make I don’t want to put in the road in the center so I put in a little side way so it’s more interesting composition first use pen to trace the design when you trace you can feel how you like the rows how you want to present to the people you like ropes okay focus on rows from inside and out you have to make a nice three-dimensional feeling to it and later you can see this design so you don’t have to be accurate but don’t miss any shape the thing I think you can see it’s all about the quality of the print making you feel you have to feel it okay so now only outline and how many pillows you can trace data up to you okay so maybe this one is better I do some impression of the the the saira phone so now now this one is a tip when I turn on the sit here it to start very hot here okay so look at the view sample here and make sure to make copy of the detail the smells burning so I going to get started I’m going to start from the center if you stay too long make a big line if you’re so quick you can light light line okay you like roses I do I like very much you can use sideway if you want most fine line okay you can move this deep line you can go slow especially in front in front of the flower make a bigger line so you can stay longer so you make a thick bold line and the freehand is good for flowers I can make some of your own design okay keep in your mind you like flowers you want to make nice flowers it’s a different because you are not copying just you use imagination this paper to helping your design okay so now almost there very good so now make a little line to make a pillow this is the last line sorry you can fast forward if you want but I want to show everything now so you can see the details later so now finished good job to make sure turn off the light power they like this this is how I make okay so now I’m going to put the color in here now everything’s ready to print I put the black ink here and silver ink here this is a roller so the roller to mix the color when you mix the ink you have to lift up and roll oil and different the angles okay this sticky note is too much ink and you have to go all the way to the end at the end for the rollers and always put this side down don’t touch the rope so now it’s the syllable part okay silver is also mix just little too much so I going to mix well so now turn this way to rest I put the glove okay this is a design I going to the silver okay make sure everything is going to the corner the ink I put the paper down there soul doesn’t mess on the table this time is to use a dark color so I’m going to just put with the silver paste it the face okay so I’m going to upside-down so I use the bottom to make it even cold okay and roll p2 over wet so now I’m going to show you how only one color effect to the flat paper so I touch see okay this is how it works with us styrofoam with excellent museum quality printmaking thank you for watching Yoko’s art class this is green pepper this is roses and this is also you I hope you enjoy our class and hope to see you again soon bye now Oh

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