Youtuber Sueing Onision (Madame) Accused of Doxxing & Art Theft

welcome back and in today’s video we
will be looking into a situation involving a youtuber by the name of
madame a lot he does not remember she’s the one that is currently trying to sue
onision in small claims court several members of the community came to
me saying that she was daxing one of her fans as well as stealing artwork so
we’re gonna be looking into that in today’s episode of exploring youtubers
now if you’re unfamiliar with Madonna she is a youtuber with over 52,000
subscribers her inspiration for YouTube apparently is leafyishere if she says it
multiple times throughout her channel but also she is trying to sue an easy on
in small claims court if you’re just keeping up with that this video will be
in the description below so basically what I’m gonna do here is we’re gonna
try to lay it out and a nice and easy fashion that way you can get all of the
information I’m going to try to approach this in a neutral in the biased way it’s
what we’d like to do here on this channel everything that I’m talking
about will be linked in the description but below so you can come to you and
form your own opinions but we’re here today to talk about one of Madonna’s
fans a 15 year old on Instagram by the name of slimmers and apparently what’s
been going on is she is asking for help she posted about what happened let’s
look into that her BIOS is trying to stay strong I’m
guessing this is a very trying thing this is not okay nor loud this is a
risky post for me but at least me no choice all I wanted was credit I never
wanted to hate nor anger her but she took it in a completely different way a
youtuber said I should make a video about it which I mind I’ve never done it
so it’s new for me but I might have to contact other youtubers to help or
possibly make my account private after it I wouldn’t be this sad or upset if
she wasn’t still using my work for her art and keep posting on her story
talking dirty about me oh I’m gonna bring this up and I know I
know it’s a bad thing to bring up but I’m 15 and Madonna is 18 and 19 years
old so of course I’m gonna be unprofessional the fact we had the whole
situation fixed with credit is beyond me and I don’t know why she’s using it as
evidences me failing at something even though we talked it out I don’t know if
this will attract attention but I do know it will tire me emotionally since
this is a 50k youtuber I’m dealing with all I’m asking is please please help me
so Ralph the bat you can tell this person’s in emotional distress now I am
gonna go through the call-out post as well as the response that Madame may put
in on her Instagram this is Madame a that’s a channel there I also known as
Ashley youtuber that’s 18 19 years old I lately had a rough ride with a Dru fan
art that she loved and she wanted to contact me she really liked my work and
asked if I had a paypal so I could draw her steals steals are persona making
different expressions that people use in videos and I said no I don’t but I will
draw them for you if you only credit me we called and I told her if she’s gonna
credit me she has to credit me in the description when using my works as a
thumbnail that was our deal and she had to credit me in the video eventually so
you see right here these are the two stills that are being used the 50,000
subscribers thumbnail and they’re responding to biggest haters those two
pieces right there are slot sluts lommers artwork Slammers goes on to post
a conversation between madam a in her Madonna is mannequin and the slimmers is
absolute freakin mad that we are unclear if is actually an absolute freaking mad
time Slimers is asking credit in the
description of the videos Madonna says yeah that’s the plan I said I got you
boom done just DM me because I stopped reading comments at the 48 hours thank
you that’s all I wanted not hating but it was just a thing I would like not
angry just letting you know so you can see slammers demonstrating that she’s
not upset but Madonna is upset saying yeah of course but it’s kind of wack you
wouldn’t just DM me after we’ve had phone calls and stuff yeesh
by the off-chance I stopped reading comments like what would you expect and
this been commented today after I wouldn’t have seen it I just got weirded
out you wouldn’t just tell me directly and does seem kind of weird and
off-putting that they didn’t reach out directly because she did have this
direct contact so I’m not sure why Slammers did not do that she said it was
because Minami took time in responding so I’m not sure maybe she had hit her up
on all the social platforms and then attempted a comment in the video let’s
keep reading I was gonna feature you at my J station video since I knew that
video would get big AF and just I don’t know plug your insta but I see the
credit in the description my about me is more beneficial because this long-term
so I will add you to that right now also my friend who’s a streamer won
commission from you see I don’t understand why it’s like Madonna does
want this person to feel bad so she’s gonna tell her all the stuff that she
was gonna do but most likely is not gonna do it now it’s unclear if there
was ever any credit in the description but like I said I did reach out to
Madonna I’ve yet to get a response but stay tuned we’ll see what she says
slammers posts a shot saying that they did wrap things up we handled things
completely good I apologize and she did too the situation was worked out
remember that and this happened so she shows the
conversation here and it really does not look like things were worked out the
last thing that Madonna is shown to say is yes and she told people to come after
me and my comments on social media about crediting you you even though I
literally agreed on giving you a verbal shoutout
then we discussed long-term crediting I don’t want to work with you anymore
that doesn’t feel like ending things on good terms so to speak I do want to
point out that via the screenshots there was it was the group agreed to do a
different type of shout out so it looks like there’s a miscommunication between
both we’re gonna call it a miscommunication
looks like Slammers goes on to talking to Madonna after madamme said that she
did not want to talk to her anymore and of course madam Isis literally stopped
talking to me it in slammers is ignoring this the saying do not talk to me and
continues to talk so it doesn’t like it ended on good terms which I understand
that there’s billions people in the world not everybody’s gonna get along
with everybody so this type of thing is gonna happen
however this is where it gets a little weird this right here appears to be a
screenshot of comments on Madonna’s videos somebody asks her to credit the
artist that drew your thumbnail she made a post on her Instagram slammers to
which Madonna says oh yeah the complimentary credit I gave her on my
about me descriptions until she decided to send no lives like you after me
complimentary cuz she didn’t have an effing PayPal when I asked her for
prices yeah actually go F yourself as leaf he would say so right here we
already know that there wasn’t any credit given in descriptions that’s what
the whole thing was about so you can see here aslam earners post a
screenshot of madam a’s instagram story where Madonna is continuing to talk
about it I guess she’s really affected by this which makes really no sense
since the only thing that she has to do is just not use the other person’s
artwork and take it out off the channel rather than continuing to drag it out it
seems like egos involved here and Madonna is not wanting to admit any any
type of fault no matter what I’m not saying that slumbers is not at fault to
it looks like both probably are at fault and there’s definitely looks like a
miscommunication but for Madonna to keep on dragging it out like I said it does
appear to be ego Madonna did post on her Instagram story her version of the
events let’s go over that I commissioned her for stills but she expressed she
didn’t have a paypal but wanted to accept the Commission I couldn’t accept
that from her without doing something in return so I asked her if I could show
off her Instagram page verbally in my je station interview she agreed and two
weeks later I got the steals I made a video without the steals recently I only
used it for a thumbnail but it wasn’t in the video and she decided to comment
publicly about it on the video comments she has my number personal discord
account etc we’ve had phone calls and that were hours long and her last text
was her saying she thought that thumbnail was adorable so I was appalled
when she didn’t come to me about credit and commented so I told her that me and
other youtubers usually stop reading comments at some point and had I not
read hers nothing would have been done and I was upset at the unprofessionalism
so she thanked me and was really happy about it we agreed on canceling the
verbal shout out and to just give her long-term credit instead which I was
happy with but then she still sent people after me and acted like I had
never given her credit in the first place I’d had enough of her own
professionalism and blocked her on discord she didn’t harassed me a little
on Instagram and I kept asking her to leave me alone don’t talk to me etc and
she spammed me with messages until I got upset angry she finally blocked me but
when she did she started fabricating stories about me that never happened so
I felt that removing the credit was right because it hurts my soul to give
credit to someone that would fabricate stories about me now I’m gonna go ahead
and say at the point where you decide not to give credit anymore it really
doesn’t matter you do need to take the down we’ll talk more about that in just
a second after that she lied about her age publicly she told me and even my
friends in discord VC that she goes or is going to college it’s really
disturbing and I think she’s a compulsive liar my ex has that so I have
experience with people who suffer with that and I definitely think she is due
to the constant lies and fabrications in her life so that’s it I don’t have any
bad feelings towards her I just hope that she gets help and doesn’t lie about
other public figures again I hope this helps you understand the situation why I
can’t give that credit back I’m so happy to get yeah I completely understand that
now if you take this a story and you compare it to her story there are things
that don’t add up and I’m gonna leave it to you to decide so let me know what you
think about it below but madama here’s perspective I’m trying to be mean but
put your ego to the side for a second it looks real bad I I get it you feel upset
about the whole situation it really looks like you’re harassing this
fifteen-year-old fan because you’re the person of influence the power dynamic is
on your side and then what’s this about exposing this person’s number she shared
the number publicly on her story she’s saying apparently it’s fake but try
anyways she’s openly inviting people to harass you Slimers says good because I
got that phone number from a free calling app I literally just changed it
five seconds try again madam hmm this is madam a story and as you can read it
says apparently it’s a fake number so don’t worry about it I forgot to mention
they lied and told me they didn’t have a number but then while making the steals
gave me a number and asked her like oh did you get one since when and they
avoided my question so hard and changed the topic and I thought that was really
really weird so please don’t worry it’s fake you can try it anyway if you’d like
it’s fake just like the compulsive liar okay now if it’s a fake number
I’ll post why give it out that’s that’s an attempt and it doesn’t
look good anytime you share somebody else’s number whether you think it’s
this or that it isn’t attempted Docs I think you really need to realign the
perspective here and just look at what it looks like what it really looks like
and this is all the public can see is that you’ve attempted to steal another
artists work without crediting them you’ve harassed them and you attempted
the docs then there’s three reasons that a lot of people get cancelled so again
this is the only thing the public can see so my advice is stop using the art
or give credit to the art you can’t just not do that because you’re upset with
somebody because they may or may not be lying it’s really not a good look but
that being said I don’t want you guys to be pushed in any direction by anything
that I’ve said Here I am putting everything in the description so you can
better form your own opinions so just let me know what you think because as
interesting as cysts always something’s more interest to me that’s right you
guessed it I don’t know gee thanks rich good leave you creative and eight
written responses in the comment box there’s always brothers and sisters I
will see you in the next video well it just looks like a miscommunication to me
but it does look like madam aid got upset took it way too far blew it way
too much out of proportion she’s the person of influence here I think she
handled it wrongly wrongly is it a word but maybe it’ll get resolved like I said
I did reach out to Madonna to get her side more in depth but compare the
stories tell me what you think other than that I woke up way too late today I
got to fix my sleeping schedule it’s getting rough out here but this is my
eighth video in a row so I’m gonna go ahead and call it I’m back to daily
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